ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

Vice President of Ministries: Elizabeth Rueda

Why are you campaigning for this position?
In my time at SPU I have benefited from and been transformed through the programs that the ministries on our campus have put on. These programs have fostered the growth of my faith in God and challenged me to consider different forms of worship and service that have nurtured, instructed and stretched me in my time at SPU. As VPM, I would have the privilege of serving the very programs that have helped me in my growth and living out of my Christian commitment at SPU by advocating for and supporting each ministry so that they could continue and broaden the good work that they are already doing on campus. In my role as VPM I would also work towards increasing student involvement in ministries on our campus because I see the value in them and believe that our students need to be more aware of the opportunities that they have to get involved on campus and in the greater Seattle community. Finally, as VPM, I would have the chance to be a resource to students who need a loving friend, figure and resource on campus through ASSP. I have found a community and family in my time at SPU and I would love to encourage other students to have a positive experience in their time here.

What unique skill and talents would you bring to this position?
I believe that VPM fits my unique skills and talents as an encourager, developer and includer. Through my participation in the ministries the last three years and in my experience as an SMC last year and PA with connections to the ministries this year, I have learned of the various ministries on our campus and I have gained a respect for the work that they are doing. All the same, what I have also gained is an awareness of the need for the ministries to be supported well so that they can effectively do their work. As VPM I would seek to humbly encourage, serve and work with each ministry coordinator that I oversee with a learning approach. I recognize that when it comes to down to it, I’m not the expert on each ministry but that the coordinators are. For that reason, I would advocate for the ministries according to what they needed through building respectful relationships with them where their voices felt heard. Further, a developer and includer, I thrive on bringing different groups of people together, and as VPM, I would use that skill to bridge coordinators and others to each other so that they could collaborate and work together. I would motivate ministries to see the “bigger picture” when events were being put together by pointing out areas of growth while maintaining an impartial ground. I have developed a passion for walking alongside students and empowering them through helping them see their areas of growth as well as their unique strengths while respectfully guiding them and I have learned the value in leading with integrity, energy and conviction. As VPM, my goal would be to continue that passion in the support of our university ministries.

Describe three to four specific goals you would like to accomplish during your term
As VPM some of the goals that I would like to accomplish during my term would be bringing increased awareness of university ministries to campus, building up ministry coordinators, encouraging conversations surrounding diversity within university ministry programs, and to continue and deepen collaboration within the ASSP core, specifically, with the VPIA. I think that our university ministries are doing good work on our campus but I also believe that the greater SPU community could learn more about what each of the ministries does so that more could partake in their work. In my experience at SPU, I have met many students who want to be involved in the ministries but just don’t know what programs are already available to them. As VPM I would try to provide support and direction to the ministries as well as students on campus who wanted to see something in ministries that perhaps, hadn’t been done while also promoting more of what our university ministries already do. In my relationships with ministry coordinators, I would seek to humbly serve and use the skills that the Lord has given me as a relational being. I would communicate consistently with them and approach my supporting and advocating role for them with the recognition that when it comes to their respective ministry they know their needs more. Within those relationships I would also seek to encourage the work already being done to include the larger student body at SPU through conversations about diversity, not only in terms of race but also diversity in gender and diversity in forms of worship. Lastly, I would try to further collaboration within the ASSP core, specifically with the VPIA because I believe that things works better when teams collaborate. I would seek this with the VPIA in particular because I believe that ministry and diversity (something that the VPIA has a big part in supporting and promoting at SPU) are inextricably combined. Rather, that when you become a Christian and accept Christ, you accept his whole body and as a university committed to Christ, looking at the larger student body at SPU, lower and upperclassmen, white and multi-ethnic students, male and female, is absolutely essential. The ministries at SPU have encouraged me to seek God when things got hard, challenged me by teaching me to reconsider what it means and looks like to worship God and been a support for me in the midst of some of the most challenging and formative growth years of my life. I love SPU and I would be honored to humbly serve as VPM in the upcoming year, advocating for our ministries and supporting the student body as a whole.