ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

Vice Presidnt of Ministries: Kelley Ige

Why Am I Campaigning
This role speaks to the passions of my heart. The first thing that I heard from God was to go through the process of running; little did I know that even deciding whether to run or not was a huge part of the process. Looking back, it’s crazy to realize that I was so intrigued with VPM that, as a little freshman at SPU, I met with Audrey Riddle (VPM 2012-2013). This position is a great point where government and ministries intersect. Through this discerning process, I have wrestled first with the fear of inadequacy, to which God responded, “Adequacy is my responsibility, not yours.” Shortly after, I began to question if I find self-worth in having a title; thus, I thought that surely it’s not the right time. Therefore, I let go of the idea of running, the pressure of needing to have a title, and surprisingly found peace in just being Kelley, nothing else after my name. It was then that I was able to look upon this position with clear eyes.

With all fears and pressures stripped away, I was able to see why I was so drawn to this position in the first place. My heart reignited at the realization that VPM is a beautiful platform to live out what I am passionate about: connecting others to collaborate and advance the Kingdom as one body.

My Heart
I am a lover of God, laid down and ready to embrace and usher in the change that He is calling forth. This is my heart. Though unconventional, I will not pretend to have a neatly mapped out plan of exactly what will take place next year, as SPU’s ministries will be experiencing drastic changes. This campus is coming alive. The harvest is ready; the time to act is now. I believe He is calling for unity. What I offer you is fresh perspective, open hands, and a passionate heart.

As Vice President of Ministries, I would first, work with the ministry coordinators to unify campus, second, collaborate with faculty to come together with students of the same heart, and finally, combat human trafficking.


Ka ‘Uhane, Holy Spirit, is going to shift the atmosphere next year, and I would be honored to be your Vice President of Ministries as we, in God’s stride, unite and move forward.