The Finance Department is ASSP’s monetary branch. If you have a program or project you would like to see accomplished, find out if ASSP can financially support you!

The due date for proposals is Wednesday at 5:00pm

Proposals are a great service offered here at ASSP. If there is an event you would like to throw, a conference you would like to attend, or anything else you come up with that would benefit the students and community of Seattle Pacific, we might be able to help you out. The first thing to do is fill out one of two types of proposals (see below). Then, find a senator to sponsor your proposal. After that, submit your proposal on Sharepoint. The proposal link can be found on the homepage of the ASSP website (

Your next step, after being contacted by the VP of Finance or Treasurer, is to attend Finance Board and present your proposal. Finance Board meets once a week in the SUB 207 Conference room. If your proposal is for $750 or less, Finance Board will most likely make the final decision regarding your proposal that night. If it is greater than $750, Finance Board will make a recommendation to Senate and you will present your proposal to senate the following Monday.

Conference Fund Proposals

Every year, the ASSP senate allocates a portion of funds to allow students to attend a seminar or conference for the education or spiritual development of the undergraduate community. To find out how to request conference funding assistance, click the link below.

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General Finance Proposals

If you have a program or project you would like to see accomplished on the SPU campus that is outside of the ASSP organizations' usual operations, ASSP Senate may be able to financially support you. The same process is used for ASSP Organizations to purchase new equipment or seek upgrades of existing equipment. To find out more, click the link below.

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