"The eight ministries at SPU strive to provide a holistic experience for the student body at each of their events."


Sharpen is a ministry for all SPU students that live off-campus or in the Campus Houses and Apartments (CHA). We want students to feel connected!

We strive to bridge those gaps by providing relational opportunities: eating together, living together, studying together, worshiping together, playing together. If there is an event or idea you think should be offered for commuter students, contact us and we will do our best to make it happen!

To get connected contact Tucker Rogers,

Sharpen Website

SMC Program

The SMC Program strives to create a safe space for all members of the Residence Hall Community by establishing a tone of grace, love, honor, and respect through the integrity of our lifestyle and collaboration with other ministries.

To get connected contact Brooke Holt, or Jake Crammer,

SMC Program Website


Relinquish is a ministry whose aim is to immerse students more in the experience of prayer. There is nothing that can substitute prayer in our relationship with God. We want to help you define and establish prayer as a part of your life, so in that you may not be limited in your pursuit of God. Relinquish provides events that explore prayer as in intimacy and intercession. In Intimacy we want to know God whether that be through contemplative practices or just learning to set apart time for devotion. For intercession, we seek His heart for justice. These events include Grow a weekly prayer and worship, where we use music as a means of uniting prayer. We also have quarterly events called Heartbeat, which allows for creativity in prayer and Vigil which brings together the campus for praying for a singular objective.

To get connected contact Hope Anderson,

Relinquish Website