Outdoor Recreation Program

Joining students to adventure, creation, and community. The ORP connects students to outdoor activities by offering gear rentals and outdoor related programs.

Welcome back to SPU for Spring Quarter!

Outdoor Recreation Program

Located in the ASSP office in the Student Union Building

Contact: Sam Krejcik, ORP Coordinator

Phone: 206.281.2755

Email: ASSP-ORC@spu.edu

Sam Krejcik

ORP Coordinator

Tobijah Rogers

ORP Assistant

You must return gear during the scheduled time. Office hours may change quarter to quarter based on the ORC’s class schedule. If a student does not have the ability to go to the office during hours, the student may contact the ORC at ASSP-ORC@spu.edu  206.281.2755 to set up an appointment. The ORC reserves the right to deny appointments outside of scheduled hours. Those checking out gear are responsible for its safe return but do not have to be present during return (you can ask a trusted friend to return your gear).

Vertical World Rock Climbing Passes!

Fall Quarter passes are here! Get active this quarter and meet new people at a local climbing gym just 5 minutes away from campus! Come into the ORP Office to buy your $30 pass (cash or check). Passes will be effective from now until December 12th. Monthly passes directly from Vertical World cost $75 a month. Save money and sign up with ORP!

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