BIFS: Fees and Costs for Researchers


Costs associated with use of BIFS fall into two groups, the use of the station and transportation to and from Blakely Island. Fees may be reduced in some instances (see below).

A single fee is charged for use of the station and includes housing, meals in the dining hall, lab use, boat use, and van use. (Researchers should be advised that academic courses have priority for lab space, van use, and boat use. However, use conflicts are not generally insurmountable.) The price falls with length of stay, as follows:

Length of Stay                      Cost

  • 1-2 days                                    $100 per 24 hour day
  • 3-4                                             $90 per day
  • 5-6 days                                    $80 per day
  • 1-2 weeks                                 $480 per week
  • 3-4 weeks                                 $350 per week
  • 5-10 weeks                               $250 per week
  • Longer periods                         Please inquire

Transportation to and from Blakely Island is the responsibility of the researcher. Currently, we make arrangements with Paraclete Charters for transportation from the mainland at Anacortes, Washington to Blakely Island Field Station. Roundtrip costs are approximately $75 per person if arranged through our facilities manager, LeRoy Hubbert (, 360-375-6721). He can also assist with making alternative arrangements (e.g., flying from Seattle airports to Blakely Island) if needed.

Fees may be reduced on application to the director. At a minimum, the following criteria must be met:

1. The PI must lack any grant funding that would support research at Blakely Island Field Station, including salary support that could be used to pay for costs at BIFS..

2. The proposed research should demonstrate a high probability of leading to publication acknowledging the use of BIFS facilities.




Application for Housing & Lab Space (PI's & Grad. Students)

Application for Housing & Lab Space (Undergrad. Researcher)


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