Application for Research

Blakely Island Field Station, Seattle Pacific University


Independent Investigators, Post-Doctorals and Graduate Research Assistants will use this format to apply for the use of housing/research facilities at Blakely Island Field Station.  Send the following information to:

SEATTLE, WA  98119-1950

FAX (206) 281-2882

Please answer all questions below


Are you applying as Independent Investigator, Faculty, Post-Doctoral Fellow, or Graduate Research Assistant?

What quarter are you applying for?

Full name: Last, first, middle

Academic Title

Institution and Department

Full address including zip



e-mail address (preferable)

Highest academic degree, year obtained, where obtained?


Lab space requested:

Arrival date, departure date.

If you expect to bring a graduate research assistant(s), please list name(s) and have each RA submit this same Application for Research Facilities information for themselves. Please indicate if you will pay for the RA's expenses for housing, or lab space, or meals, or stockroom charges, or copies.  If you will be bringing an undergraduate research assistant(s), have them fill out the separate application form for undergraduate RA’s.

If you are applying for space as a Research Assistant, who is your supervisor?

Will you be accompanied by spouse? (Name? answer optional except it helps us when we sort mail and answer phones).

Will you be accompanied by children? Number? Ages?

Please indicate housing desired.  Please note that space in dorm rooms is most abundant, while the other options are limited. 

1.      Standard dorm room.  Potentially two people per room, with a shared bathroom between every two rooms.  Requests for a single room will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. 

2.      Faculty Suite.  This 3-room suite includes a sitting room, bedroom, and bathroom.  It is rarely available between June 12 and August 15 due to priority given to teaching faculty. 

3.      Research Unit A.  This is a single room with queen bed and private bath.

4.      Research Unit B.  This room has a bunk bed and private bath. 

Please note:  the remote location makes it nearly impossible to accommodate pets. 

Do you wish to rent bedding and towels ($7 total cost, no maid service provided)? For how many?

Methods of Payment: (for each category below, please indicate "invoice my university," "SPU Budget # xxxxxx-xxxx", "pay cash/check prior to departure")


Please specifically state your needs for each of the following:

Animal or plant specimens. Please indicate names, numbers and approximate amounts required.

Are you bringing animals with you? Please indicate names and numbers. The Washington State Department of Fisheries and Department of Wildlife require permits for importation of marine organisms into Washington and may refuse permission or require strict quarantine. Advance notice of plans for imports is necessary.

Kind of laboratory space, indoor or outdoor aquaria.


Researchers intending to work with fishes or other vertebrates are required to submit a project proposal to the Animal Care Committee of Seattle Pacific University. Please submit your documentation to the Director (Tim Nelson, at the time of your application.


Please list any equipment you do not expect to provide.  While some equipment is routinely available on site, the remote location prevents easy access to replacement parts or some “routine” items.  Please include glassware and laboratory chemicals and supplies.

Do you plan to use SCUBA in connection with your proposed research? Anyone intending to SCUBA dive at the Labs must obtain permission. Contact the Diving Officer at

Note:  Blakely Island Field Station is not equipped to work with radioisotopes or other unusually hazardous substances.


Please provide a short description of your research interests and outline in brief your plans for work to be carried out at the Blakely Island Field Station. In particular, it is helpful to know your short and long term objectives.

Please provide a one-sentence description of your research interest for publication in the Blakely Island Log..

Please cite any published or in press studies of the last two years from your laboratory related to the research you intend to pursue at the Field Station and indicate which of these were directly or indirectly supported by earlier visits to Blakely Island.

Blakely Island Field Station provides equal opportunity to visiting researchers regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran in accordance with University policy and applicable federal and state statutes and regulations.