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Our summer program consists of two parts.  For biology majors, we offer a series of upper division biology courses. Unless otherwise noted, each of the courses is 5 upper division quarter credits. They are self-contained, 12-day units which may be taken individually or in any combination. Students are expected to have completed a one-year sequence in general biology and be ready for advanced study. Independent research opportunities are available by arrangement with individual faculty members.

For non-biology majors, or for biology majors who are interested in the subject, we offer a range of courses from English to Astronomy.  These include courses that meet the Natural Science A and Natural Science B portions of the Exploratory Curriculum (i.e., general education). 

Click on one of the links at right to find information about courses offered at BIFS.

"Courses offered in 2014" lists this year's courses, the faculty teaching them, and course costs.

"Courses offered at Blakely" lists all courses offered at BIFS. Some courses are offered in alternate years or infrequently.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can use the "Mail/FAX in Registration Form" link to print a registration form.

BIFS offers modest financial aid. To apply, click on the "Downloadble Financial Aid Form" and print out the form. Completed applications can be returned to the Director.

To learn more about the Faculty teaching BIFS courses, click on the "Blakely Island Faculty" link.


Courses Offered in 2016

Courses Offered at Blakely

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Downloadable Financial Aid Form

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