Teaching at Blakely Island Field Station

For instructors who would like to offer a class at BIFS

If you are interested in offering a class at the Blakely Island Field Station, please discuss ideas for proposed courses with the Director at least one year in advance, and send a written proposal to the Director in the format provided below, by September 1st for courses offered the following summer.  (For classes that REQUIRE a longer lead time, proposals may be submitted 2 years in advance.)  A decision regarding the course will be communicated to you by October 1 of that year, or sooner if greater lead time is required.

Courses which will use the facility during the academic year, e.g. between October 1 and June 1, are under special constraints due to weekend use of the facility by main-campus courses.

Please submit your course proposal to BIFS Director Tim Nelson at tnelson@spu.edu.

Or, write to:

Blakely Island Field Station , Suite 205
Seattle Pacific University
3307 3 rd Avenue West
Seattle , WA 98119-1950

Or by FAX at (206) 281-2882.

Please submit the following information:

Your name, address, e-mail:

Any special constraints? Lead time, outside funding, etc.

Dates you are proposing to teach the course.  If this is flexible, please note which dates will work.  If this is a marine biology course or otherwise requires a spring tide sequence, please note this as well.  Most summer courses are taught intensively over 2 weeks.  Variations to this pattern should be discussed with the director. 

How many students would be registered?.  (Note:   Maximum enrollment is 20, and even that leads to a very crowded lab.  For most courses, the maximum size is set at 16.  Try to predict the number of students that might register.  For assistance, contact the director.)

How will the course use BIFS facilities in the following categories?

Diverse organisms:

Lab space:



Supplies and Equipment Required:


If this course has been taught in the last 2 years and no substantial changes are envisioned, the following information may be omitted.

Course name, and substantive description (a paragraph is plenty at this stage).  Include whether this course should be listed as upper or lower division and the intended audience (e.g., Biology majors, nonmajors seeking to fulfill GE requirements).

Why is it important that this course be taught to an undergraduate audience in a field station setting?




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