Student Checkout/Evaluation Sheet

Please allow time to do all of the following before leaving the field station:
       Sweep out your bathroom and vacuum your room.
Empty your rooms garbage in the large can in the atrium.
If you did any individual or group projects make sure any organisms you used have been returned to where you found them (if living) or tossed into the woods away from the buildings. Clean up any equipment you used and return it to where you found it.
Delete any files you have on the lab computers.
Ask your professor what needs to be done to clean up the laboratory.

Please answer the following questions about your experience at Blakely Island Field Station:

  1. Were the accommodations adequate? What could be done to improve your experience in regard to housing?



  1. Was the food to your liking? How might food service be improved?



  1. Was the scientific equipment available adequate for your needs? What new equipment purchases should be given the highest priority?



  1. Was communication prior to your arrival adequate? Is there anything you wished you had known about the station before your arrival? What might you tell future students to bring or be prepared for at BIFS?




Thank you for taking the time to complete this form!