Blakely Island Field Station Faculty Checkout Sheet

Please complete both sides of this sheet and return to the resident manager.    For lab checkout, please complete this checklist.

Lab Equipment

q       Has all glassware been washed, dried and put away?  (Please do not leave out on the counters to dry.)

q       Have all pieces of equipment and lab supplies been returned to their original location?  A list of equipment and appropriate location can be found in the storeroom.

q       Have tanks (on back deck) and aquaria been emptied, cleaned and returned to their storage location, if used in this course?

q       Have all books been returned to their appropriate locations?

Lab Cleaning

q       Have all organisms either been returned to their native habitat or disposed of properly?  Note:  According to Washington State Administrative Code, all marine organisms that survive experimental treatments are to be returned to their habitat rather than euthanized.  WAC doesn’t say anything about problem students, however.

q       Has the lab been swept out and the computer room vacuumed?

q       Has the blackboard been wiped down?

q       Have all buckets been rinsed out and them away?


q       Have computers been returned to their original hardware and software configurations?

q       Have all course-related files been deleted from the lab computers and the computer in the faculty apartment?  Any files you would like to keep for future years should be saved under the following directory on the lab computer on the far left:  C:\archives\classname\year\

q       Has any hardware that you have added to the computer systems been disconnected and return to storage or to main campus?


q       Has anything been left out on lab counters?

q       Was anything left under the sinks or in other storage areas that doesn’t belong there?

q       Was anything on the wood deck or on the concrete “patio” that doesn’t belong there? 


Course Name: 


Are there any consumables (from chemicals to cover slips) that need to be restocked before you teach next year?  (If there are consumables that need to be restocked ASAP, please let the resident manager know before leaving Blakely.)



Are there pieces of equipment or supplies not at BIFS that would help you better teach your course?



Was any equipment not functioning properly?  Please be specific.



Do you have any comments you’d like to offer regarding the BIFS facility, food quality and quantity, or transportation from Anacortes to Blakely?



Is there anything else we can do to enhance your students’ learning or other experiences on Blakely Island?