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About the Card

Identification Card

The multipurpose Sea Pac Pass features a cardholder’s nine-digit identification number and photo. The I.D. number is printed on the face of the Sea Pac Pass. An I.D. number is required to access SPU’s online web services and other campus services.

The Sea Pac Pass is for only the designated cardholder’s use. It is your responsibility to keep the card in your possession at all times and in good working order. If you allow another person to use your card as identification, or to access food service or building entrance, both parties are subject to disciplinary action. Your card is a sensitive electronic device and should be cared for as such. Do not punch a hole in your card. Your University account will be charged for any necessary replacement card fees.

Lost Card
If you lose your Sea Pac Pass, you must report it immediately to Campus Card Services or through this site so it can be deactivated to protect the money and other services on your card.

Failure to report your card lost or missing may result in financial loss through misuse, a loss that may not be recoverable. Deactivate your card or go to the Office of University Services (#29 on the Campus Map). Your old card will be deactivated, a replacement card issued, and your account charged a replacement card fee. Once a card is deactivated, it cannot be reactivated. Office hours: M-F, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Building Access

Access to buildings on campus is restricted to authorized Sea Pac Pass cardholders. You must use your Sea Pac Pass to gain access to on-campus buildings with electronic locks.

Meal Plan

If you participate in a meal plan, use your Sea Pac Pass to make purchases from on-campus food services. The card is used to debit meals or meal money at Gwinn Dining Hall, Common Grounds, the Corner Store, Falcon’s Landing, and Sandella's.

Campus Card Services in the Office of University Services is not open on weekends to issue new or temporary cards. If you do not have a valid Sea Pac Pass or temporary card, you are expected to pay cash at dining locations.

Library Card

The Sea Pac Pass functions as a library card at the SPU Library. You must present a Sea Pac Pass in order to check out books and utilize library resources.

Add Money Online

Sea Pac Pass cardholders can access account balance and history information.

Log in using your username and password. Once logged in, you can add money to your card and view and print monthly statements for all transactions (including meal plan points and Debit Dollars) associated with your Sea Pac Pass.