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Company Quarters F is a great meeting and craft space for groups of up to 75. This build- ing is centrally located in the row of two-story wooden barracks and is moderately priced to accommodate any budget.

The lower floor has a wood floor and is set with tables and chairs to seat approximately 48 people. Additional seating can be brought in with prior notice. This space is recom- mended for crafts, indoor games or activities, or classroom activities requiring table tops.

The upper floor is an open space with carpeted floor. It is ideal as a classroom or meeting space. This space seats up to 75 people. Stacking chairs line each wall and may be ar- ranged however best suits the group. Banquet tables and additional seating can be brought in with prior notice.

Portable classroom equipment can be brought into either space. Use of a chalkboard, TV/ VCR/DVD equipment, a portable digital projector with connection cables and a screen can all be requested if these items are required.

Company Quarters F has one bathroom on the lower floor. A stairway from the upper floor leads directly to this bathroom to allow easy access from either space. This bath- room has three toilet stalls, three sinks and three showers.

Company Quarters F Building Description (pdf)

Lower Company Quarters F.
Camp Casey Conference Center