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Camp Casey Conference Center  

Dining Services

Provided: Oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator w/ freezer, toaster, tea kettle, coffee maker, coffee filters, basic utensils, pots, pans, flatware, plates, glasses, coffee cups, paper towels, one or two kitchen towels and outside barbeques. A dishwasher and soap is provided in the Faculty House kitchens. (There is no dishwasher in the Alumni House or Firehall.)
Not Provided: Food, additional kitchen towels, extra paper towels, coffee bean grinder, charcoal briquettes and lighter, tablecloth, bottled drinking water, plastic wrap, plastic containers for taking away leftovers, your favorite cooking utensils, other non-standard cooking equipment as you wish, such as an electric skillet, crock pot, stove-top griddle, serving bowls, wok, cake pan, espresso maker, etc. A note about the water: The tap water at Casey is hard water, heavily laden with minerals. Though it will not harm you to drink it, most people find the Coupeville water distasteful and prefer to bring their own bottled drinking water or purchase from the vending machine.

Warm jacket, scarves, hats, gloves, hiking boots, beach-walking shoes, flashlight. In the summertime, bring swimsuits and towels for the outdoor, heated swimming pool. In the winter, bring a flashlight in case the power goes out. (The Camp Casey area is known for high winds.)

Not Provided: Sleeping bags, bedding, pillows, blankets, reading light and more than one clock radio.

Alumni House & Faculty Houses: You may use the fireplace in the living room only. The other fireplaces are boarded up and are not available. Due to the small size of the firebox, you may burn only artificial fireplace logs, such as Duraflame Logs. You may bring your own artificial logs or purchase them at the local grocery store. No real wood, no paper and no garbage may be burned in the fireplace. Also, for safety reasons, please do not attempt to clean out the fireplace. The housekeeper will do this.  Firehall:  wood may be purchased locally or brought from home for the freestanding wood stove.

Provided: Toilet tissue, extra toilet tissue, and bath rug.
Not Provided: Bath towels, wash cloths, bath soap, folding towel-drying rack, personal cosmetics

Provided: Telephone (local calls only), TV, VCR Direct TV (not in the Firehall).
Not Provided: Radio, CD player, electric outlet converters (to enable you to plug a three-pronged item into a two-pronged outlet), books, magazines, puzzles, toys, table games, drawing paper, bicycles, kites, tennis rackets, golf clubs, Frisbee, binoculars.


The guesthouses at Casey operate on a "self-cleaning system." Each guest is asked to leave the facility clean and ready for the next guest. A housekeeper comes between each guest to sanitize the bathroom and mop/wax the kitchen floor, etc., but it's up to you to leave the house clean and tidy. Before you leave, please pack up and remove all your belongings and food items. Please straighten the house, reposition any furniture that was moved, vacuum all the carpeted areas, damp mop the bathroom floor and kitchen floor, clean the kitchen counters, clean spilled food from the oven, wash the dishes (see note below), place all garbage in the outside dumpster next to the BOQ.
Provided: Extra trash can liners, broom, mop, vacuum cleaner and one or two cleaning chemicals. (Look on the back porch, pantry or closets.) Again, please do not clean the ashes from the fireplace. It is fine to start the electric dishwasher on your way out. The housekeeper will put the dishes away the next morning, if necessary.

Close all windows and lock all doors. Place your keys (house and gym key) in the mail slot next to the office door.


Camp Casey Conference Center