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If you are considering a career change, this is the place to begin. Explore these links for help in identifying passions, interests and needs and matching those with appropriate career fields. During this process, working with a Career Counselor is recommended. Career Counselors can provide additional expertise in specific industry areas while providing support and encouragement along the way. If you graduated from SPU within the last year, all appointments are free of charge. One year after graduation, SPU alumni receive three free appointments per academic year and are then charged $50 for each additional appointment. Please visit or call the Center for Career and Calling to make an appointment.


Take Two: Life Changes

From National Public Radio

Americans are moving from job to job -- and career to career -- as never before. And it's not just about money: Many are choosing new jobs that might give them a better life. In a series of reports for Morning Edition, NPR's Ketzel Levine talks with those taking the leap.



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