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Thank You Letters

Explore the following links and handouts to help develop your thank you letters. Career counselors are available to assist in creating and critiquing your thank you letter. Call the Center for Career and Calling at 206-281-2485 to make an appointment.

Employers often say that receiving a well written and appropriate thank you letter in a timely manner can make or break a hiring decision. Surprisingly, only 20% of job seekers take the time to write a thank you letter. A thank you letter or note should be sent after any professional contact has been made. Whether you are expressing appreciation for an informational interview or an interview for a job opportunity, thank you letters are an important step not to be missed in the job search process. Remember to express your appreciation for the individual’s time and consideration, emphasize any information that may not have been shared in the interview, and reiterate your interest in the position. Thank you letters are another opportunity to sell your qualifications and leave a fresh, positive impression with employers. They should be considered a standard tool in your job search.

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Thank You Samples, Examples and Templates
Thank you letter samples applicable to a variety of empolyment-related situations.




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