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Public Service Careers & Mission Opportunities

On this page you'll find information and resources for two types of work environments: Public Service Careers (Nonprofit) and Mission Opportunities (Short-Term Service). 

Links on these pages do not represent endorsement by the Center for Career and Calling.

Public Service Careers

The public service sector, or nonprofit sector, is comprised of organizations that are trying to create a better world, as defined by each organization's mission.  Types of issues addressed by nonprofit organizations are poverty, the environment, youth development, community services, health care, workers' rights, public policy, violence prevention, the arts, economic development and many more.  People often think of "nonprofits" as youth centers and soup kitchens, but they also include religious institutions, universities, hospitals, trade associations and unions, and museums. 

Below are resources to assist you with researching public service careers.


A portal for those interested in nonprofit careers and volunteering. Idealist provides numerous services in an effort to connect people, resources and nonprofits around the world.

Idealist on Campus

A virtual meeting place for students, administrators, alumni, and community members who are making the world a better place through service, activism, political engagement, and socially responsible work.

The Best of Idealist

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Graduate Degrees in Public Service

Find links and resources for academic programs in public service.  Also, check NYU Wagner for more details on types of public service degrees and current news stories from the industry.

A premier job board helping job seekers find jobs in the nonprofit, education, healthcare and public sector industries.

Call to Serve

2007 Best Places to Work in Federal Government

The most comprehensive rating and analysis of employee satisfaction in the federal government.



A national initiative designed to educate a new generation about the importance of a strong civil service, help re-establish links between federal agencies and campuses, and provide students with info. about the unique and dynamic opportunities that federal jobs provide.

USA Jobs

The official site for federal jobs and employment information. Search by agency, location, or job type functions.

Mission Opportunities/Short-Term Service

Below is a list of Mission/Short-Term Service opportunities for students who may want to serve and have an adventure as they sort out what’s next in their lives. Each organization is different in the details of length of service, location, pay, etc. If you discover an organization that is not on our list, please email us at cdcinfo@spu.edu.


American Red Cross



Catholic Community Services

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service

CDS International

Christian Encounter Ministries

Corporation for National and Community Service

Earth Ministry

Edge Corps

Gethsemane Mission Year

Habitat for Humanity


Lutheran Volunteer Corps

Mennonite Central Committee

Mission Year

New Tribes Mission

Peace Corps

Project America


Teach for America


White House Fellows

Work Ministry


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