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"Welcome to the Center for Career and Calling web site! the Center for Career and Calling can provide you resources and assistance as you help students to discern God’s call on their lives, to understand themselves and the world in which we live and work, to make responsible choices, and to try out their emerging sense of self in internships, career mentoring relationships, and first jobs after graduation. Partnerships between faculty and the Center for Career and Calling can combine our various strengths and resources for the benefit of SPU students.

Faculty and staff are often called upon to help students make decisions regarding their choice of major or vocation. These decisions are particularly difficult given our rapidly changing world affected by technology, globalization, and the many challenges to strong communities and a healthy environment. Keeping up with the vast quantity of information that affects the work world and how it will ultimately impact your students is difficult. the Center for Career and Calling can help. We assist students in choosing a major, obtaining relevant experience through appropriate internships, and translating their sense of vocation and calling into appropriate work and service after graduation. This assistance is provided through individual counseling, classes, cadres, workshops and classroom presentations, special events that bring together employers, students, and faculty, and through the vast resources contained on this web site. Let us know how we can help you! "

-Jacqui Smith-Bates, Director, Center for Career and Calling



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