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Internships seek to integrate practical experience in the workplace with academic theory and course work. Today, participating in internships is essential for students. Internships provide students with many benefits including:

  • Gaining critical skills specific to professional disciplines
  • Drastically increasing their marketability to employers after graduation
  • Opportunities to explore career interests and make educated choices about what type of environment they want to work in after graduation
  • Gaining self-confidence in the work place
  • Learning how to interact professionally
  • Easing the transition from college to their chosen vocation
  • Earning course credit and possibly money

Designed to be an integral part of students' academic programs, the Internship Program at SPU allows students to earn credit for learning gained in a work setting. Internships generally range from 10-20 hours of work per week for 1-5 credits; typically 3-4 hours of work per week per credit (ex. 3 credits=12 hours work per week). Students are responsible for negotiating the specifics with their faculty sponsor and internship supervisor.

Although each academic department at SPU sets specific prerequisites for participation in internships, the Center for Career and Calling can help all departments by assisting students in their internship search. Please encourage students to call the Center for Career and Calling (281-2485) to make an appointment with a Career counselor.




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