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Preparation is the key to success in interviewing. Before an interview you should be able to clearly articulate your skills, abilities, interests, education, experience, strengths and weaknesses and convey how those attributes will benefit the organization. Take the process very seriously; practice, dress appropriately, know what to bring, and have questions ready to ask. Use the following resources to assist you in the preparation process.

SPU Mock Interview Program
Mock Interviews allow students the opportunity to practice interviewing skills and receive feedback and coaching by counselors and experienced professionals. Review the SPU Mock Interview Program handout to find out how to schedule and prepare for a mock interview.

Skype Video Conference Interviews
We now have the capability to conduct interviews online via a Skype & a web camera. If you or a potential employer are interested in utilizing this service, please contact Lori Brown, Employer Relations Manager at loribrown@spu.edu. For some great advice, check out "Tips to Nail a Skype Interview".

SPU Center for Career and Calling Resources
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Additional Resources

Ready Prep Interview
This FREE site has thousands of interview questions that are position specific and based on the qualities and skills required to do the job.

Job Interview Outfit Do's and Don't's

Extensive interviewing information from start to finish

Handling Illegal Interview Questions
Advice on how to handle possible illegal interview question



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