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Step by Step to Finding & Registering for an Internship

Step One:

For best results, start the process at least five weeks before the quarter in which you wish to do your internship (for summer internships, start even earlier).  

Step Two:

Make an appointment with a Career Counselor.  Before your appointment look through SPULink to identify interesting internships. Bring a list of possible internships and a rough draft of your resume to the appointment.

Step Three: At the workshop or appointment you can explore internship goals and appropriate internship sites.
Step Four: Meet with your Faculty Advisor to discuss how an internship fits into your overall academic goals. Each academic department has policies about the number of internship credits you can take. You may want to ask your Faculty Advisor to be your Faculty Sponsor but any professor in your major area of study could be your Faculty Sponsor.
Step Five: Call each internship site you are interested in and ask the Internship Coordinator if the position is open, when it begins and ends, the hours you are expected to work, and what materials (resume, cover letter, application forms, etc.) are required for the application process.
Step Six: Once you have secured an internship position, complete the Learning Contract, available in the Center for Career and Calling or online, with your on-site Internship Supervisor and Faculty Sponsor. *If you are a business major, please go HERE instead.
Step Seven: Register for internship credit in-person with your signed Learning Contract in the Student Academic Services office by the date indicated in the SPU Time Schedule (no later than the 10th day of the quarter).
Step Eight:

You and your Internship Supervisor will receive evaluation forms near the end of the quarter. If you require the forms sooner please click on either the Supervisor Evaluation or the Student Evaluation. These must be returned to the Center of Career and Calling by the end of the quarter.




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