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Listening & Concentration Handouts

Improve Your Concentration

Everyone struggles with the ability to concentrate at certain times. Your ability can be improved by identifying factors causing the interference, experimenting with different techniques, and evaluating what techniques do and do not work for you.

Listening & Concentration Links

Follow these links for resources on listening and concentration. Each of these sites offers learning resources appropriate for college-level learners. Please note that neither SPU nor the Center for Learning is responsible for contents on the following pages.

  • Study Environment Analysis
    An on-line quiz about your three favorite study spots… are they up to par?
  • Learning to Listening
    Listening in the classroom is a skill that we need to work to develop.
  • Listening & Note-taking
    Since the human brain works about four times as fast as the mouth, to listen effectively requires that you maintain a considerable amount of self-control and concentration. Learn more about this rarely taught skill.