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Student Academic Mentor Program

The Student Academic Mentor program supports student learning in targeted 1000 level Common Curriculum classes. Faculty members teaching these courses select student academic mentors, and the program coordinator supports their work by training mentors and offering faculty resources for recruitment, selection, and supervision.

Student academic mentors assist faculty by:

  • role modeling interest in course content and learning
  • offering resources regarding learning strategies
  • building mentoring relationships with class members
  • referring students to other campus services as appropriate 

For more information:

Mary Jayne Allen, MS Ed
Coordinator for the Student Academic Mentor Program

The Student Academic Mentor Program at SPU began in 2003 with grant funding received from the W.M. Keck Foundation.  We are grateful to the Keck Foundation ( for its imagination as a philanthropic organization and its interest in funding this innovative program at SPU. As of 2007, the program continues as an initiative supported by SPU's Center for Learning and Office of Academic Affairs.