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Funds for Class Activities

Faculty/academic mentor teams are eligible to receive up monies from the Academic Mentor program to cover the costs of class-related activities with students from their class. 

These funds can be used to cover a variety of costs such as refreshments for group activities outside of class, entry fees to course related events, etc. Faculty/academic mentor partners should discuss how monies will be spent so that together they do not exceed the stated amount.

  • USEM and USCH 1000 faculty/academic mentor teams eligible for up to $150 (per class section).
  • UCOR and UFDN 1000 faculty/academic mentor teams elibigle for up to $120 (per class section).

Methods for Accessing Funds


Step One: KEEP ALL RECEIPTS FROM PURCHASES MADE! Without receipts, you may not be able to be reimbursed.

Step Two: Complete a Reimbursement/Reclass Request available here or in the training materials.

  • On the top line fill in your name, phone number, and the quarter & year for which you are reimbursed.
  • Under "Other Expenses" (Right side of the form) list each receipt with the date money was spent, the purpose and the number of people in attendance (see example).
    • 11/14/14 - Safeway - Study Group for (Your Professor's) UFDN- 10 people - $5.76
    • 11/20/14 - Noah's Bagels - Breakfast for (Your Professor's) UCOR- 22 people - $15.00
  • Be sure to sign and date in the lower right corner "Claimant's Signature"
  • When you are only being reimbursed for part of a receipt, don't forget to figure the tax that was spent on the portion for reimbursement. 

Step Three: Either deliver or mail form and receipts to Suzanne Townsend, Office of Academic Affairs, Mailing Suite #102. We reserve the right not to reimburse for receipts submitted more than one week after the last day of finals each quarter. Also, if Reimbursement Requests are not submitted within 60 days of when purchases are made, monies may be taxed.

Step Four: Someone from the Finance Office will contact you when your check is ready or a direct deposit will be made to your bank account.

Cash Advance

Cash Advance is available in certain situations upon request. Please contact program coordinator ( if you are interested in this possibility.  A cash advance takes at least 5 business days to process.

Food Service Cards

All USEM 1000 and USCH 1000 academic mentors receive an Advantage Points card with a $40 credit. These monies can be used to cover on-campus meal or refreshment costs for the academic mentor, other class members, and the faculty member. Academic mentors need to return advantage points cards to program staff within one week of the end of their quarter of service.

Text Books

Student academic mentors are responsible for the costs of the textbooks they may need for their work. Faculty members are welcome to explore the possibility of ordering additional desk copies of textbooks for academic mentor use.

In addition, the Student Academic Mentor program has copies of some select common texts used in participating courses. Academic mentors can contact program staff about the possibility of borrowing copies of these common texts.