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How your contributions can get you plugged in directly with SPU Crew and even get you out on the water!


Falcon Rowing Association

The Falcon Rowing Association is the organizational umbrella within which the varsity rowing program coordinates all of its support activities, to include special volunteer activities and funding development and support. It is the organizational center for your involvement in the Seattle Pacific rowing program, and anyone can participate by simply donating annually to Seattle Pacific University Crew program. All Crew contributions directly benefit the rowing teams and their mission, expenditures of these funds are managed solely by the coaching staff within the University processes. With virtually all of the operational budget and all of the capital equipment purchases being provided for through fundraising efforts, it is your support that quite literally keeps this program competitive.

Areas of impact: how you can help

Find out our latest equipment and capital improvement projects by clicking on the Future Forty banner above.

There are several areas of need for Seattle Pacific Crew, and immediate impact can be made with even the smallest of financial donations. The rowing program has several development vehicles that allow individuals and corporate entities to tailor their contributions as they prefer.

The current operations (assistant salary, travel, maintenance) and capital equipment (boats and oars) needs are serviced through the university fundraising account for crew. Both men's and women's crew funds are managed together but donors can still designate which team they would like their contributions to be directed towards as well as what functional area merely by designating on their contribution check or with accompanying documentation. For those interested in longer range support, there are also different endowments specifically established for rowing at Seattle Pacific. The James & Pam Schultz Crew Endowment is established to benefit either team, while the David Godfrey Men's Rowing Endowment and the Robert M. Curley Endowment are established to support men's rowing exclusively. As with all endowments of this type, all contributions form the principal base within a University managed investment fund and only a portion of the interest may be utilized for team expenditures each year. These endowments are designed to build on the future of Seattle Pacific rowing and can also be designated as the beneficiary accounts for wills, trusts, and other estate planning instruments.

Ways to give

There are a host of giving methods available for you to contribute to SPU Crew. In addition to check or money order or online (be sure to designate Men's or Women's Crew from the drop down menu), you can also make monthly payments by credit card by contacting University Advancement directly. You can also set up automatically recurring payments through most electronic banking systems, or contact your employer about automatic payroll deductions to SPU Crew. Many companies provide matching gifts so be sure to inquire for appropriate programs and forms.

In-kind Giving. Donations of physical assets are also encouraged and SPU Crew has received everything from vehicles to trailers, as well as rowing shells and rowing equipment as program gifts.

As a 501.c.3 charitable organization, Seattle Pacific University and SPU Crew team contributions are tax deductible within limits as allowed by federal code. All gifts will be appropriately receipted by Seattle Pacific University Advancement.

Regardless of how you give, make sure you designate your gift specifically to SPU Crew Feel free to contact the coaching staff if you have any questions regarding support for Seattle Pacific University Crew, we thank you in advance for over three decades of tremendously generous support.

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