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Vision and Philosophy
"Beyond the win" Philosophy: The fundamental philosophy behind this unique program here at SPU is based in represented best in the Scripture passage Romans 12:1; "I urge you therefore, brethren, in view of God's mercies, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, which is your spiritual service of worship." Clearly we are designed with our created physical nature tied to our spiritual worship. Accordingly, we find this to be a tremendous time in the lives of college age adults to begin understanding and expanding their physical being within the context of developing their whole being as an instrument of worship.

Crew is the ideal program offered at SPU to do this. It utilizes the competitive arena to enhance and develop young adults in a balanced fashion. Crew is unique however, in that it is the one athletics program oriented towards students without any direct sport experience. Our own John Terwilliger never pulled a single stroke before arriving at SPU, yet he was an Olympic rower before he graduated in 1981.

Competitive athletics has long been considered a superb proving ground and microcosm of life itself. Many dynamic aspects of personal growth can be attained through the rich lessons of winning, losing, teamwork and testing oneself beyond imagined limits. This is what we seek to do at Seattle Pacific Crew: realizing that this is merely a waypoint and a preparation stage for launching successful community leaders beyond these four years and beyond the win.

Vision Statement: At no time has Seattle Pacific University Crew been more competitive than it is right now. The fleet and facility are increasingly modernized each year, we've streamlined the training with the latest in quality, elite level methods, and increased standards for conditioning and testing. Accordingly, men's and women's crews have represented Seattle Pacific at national level championships twenty-three times in the last ten years alone, medalling 14 times, and winning our first of seven national women's titles beginning in 2000. Falcon crews have earned an impressive twenty-seven medals at the western regional level championships since 1996, including fourteen gold medals. Even in light of these successes, however, we envision this program growing to even greater national prominence as the finest Christian Universtiy rowing program in the country, achieving increasing excellence to be modeled through the character of its athletes and through their consistent national championship results.





Coach profiles:
Head Coach -



Assistant Coach - Zeke Schellberg (Boise. ID), in his 4th year coaching, Zeke is another 4-year oarsman from SPU and former team captain, Zeke was a versatile rower in both openweight and lightweight categories, and stroked a perfect season in his freshman year in the Men's Novice 4. Graduating with a Electrical Engineering degree and a minor in German, Zeke now works for the Snohomish County Public Utilities Department.


Assistant Coach - Matt Shi (Seattle, WA). A computer science major and 4-year coxswain, Matt is in his 5th year coaching after graduating from SPU. Having rowed and coxed at tat a local rowing club during high school, Matt coxed the Falcon Men's Novice 4 to an undefeated regular season in 2006. He is otherwise unemployed so if you know of a job please contact the staff immediately.


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