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Falcon Crew News



Women's 8 Races Season Ender in Oklahoma City

20 June , 2014

The women's crew ends a tough season fraught with injury and disappointment but encouragingly with a significant speed improvement in a three-way regatta against Western Washington University and University of Central Oklahoma.  Get all the season highlights at Sports Info links for men's and women's crews, and at the SPU Crew Facebook page!


Crew Racing in March

5 March, 2014

The Falcon Rowers will begin the 2014 racing with a scrimmage, but one not typically found in the schedule. This year the Western Washington University invitational sprints at Lake Samish in Bellingham, Washington will kick off the racing season.  It will offer a very informal and non-traditional duel format of 1000 meter sprints, with four blocks of racing two each for men and women.  In attendance for competition will be Western Washington, and University of Puget Sound. You can find the schedule and regatta information here, and of course on the SPU Crew Facebook page



Falcon Fall Rowing Fires Up

24 Oct, 2013

Falcon rowing is anew this autumn with the new recruits and novice rowers on board.  Already the full squad meets in the mornings and are developing quickly.  The rush is on to get the rowers and coxswains oriented and trained before the NCAA cutoff of November 15th when all water training must cease and training hours are limited to 8 hours over 5 days a week. Quarter system always makes this challenging, but the group looks very promising with potential for multiple categories in both open and lightweights on both gender teams.

The roster count is a robust twenty women and fourteen men and we'll be looking forward to solid racing come mid-March after many hundreds of hours of arduous training. Stay up to date here and on the main Sports Information page all year. 





Men's Varsity 4 Scrambles Shoeless to Semis at Dad Vail Regatta

24 June, 2013

The men's varsity four managed to muster a 2nd place finish in their heat without shoes due to a last-minute rule change on equipment at the 75th Dad Vail Regatta on Philadelphia's Schuylkill river May 10th and 11th.  And as if this weren't bad enough, the following day found them delayed on the water for two hours and twenty minutes for their semi-final race in a colossally mismanaged weather and mishap race suspension. See more on the season-ender here as well as on the SPU sports info link


Falcons Enter Championship Season with Conference and Regional Regattas

6 May, 2013

See these and other results posted here. Likewise follow stories on the SPU sports info link


Wind and Wins

9 April, 2013

The first two full regatta events of the season have trended to an "in like a lion" type of spring with considerable wind and rough water at both the Cascade Sprints regatta at American Lake and the NCRC Invitational at Lake Vancouver.  So far only the men's varsity four is the only crew able to weather the storms and produce a win for either gender of the Falcon crew.  Cascade Sprints was very well attended with the entire conference making an appearance for the first combined, multiple team event of the year.  While sunny and fairly warm, the north wind made for a calm start but fairly rough last half of the race for the teams. These conditions proved daunting for the men's varsity 4 placing only 4th in their heat, but they mustered a solid performance in the final winning over the field.  By contrast the men's lightweight 4 did well to win their heat but struggled in the rough water during the final finishing 6th. The SPU novice men also rowed in that race and qualified to the final on time so the team did quite well to advance all three crews to the 7-boat final, ideally setting the team up well as the Conference championship approaches on May 4th.

SPU men's varsity four holds off a charge from Humboldt at Lake Vancouver

At Vancouver the first few races barely got off with water pouring in from all sides into the hulls, most crews had their boats half full of water by the finish line causing the event to be reduced to 1000-meter sprints instead of the full 2000.  Most of the crews still came back to shore with up to three to four inches of water in the boat and not much to show in the way of results.  There is no such thing as a complete waste however, and the experience should instill confidence as they go forward to a typically calm body of water at Dexter Lake near Eugene, Oregon on the 13th of April.

See these and other results posted here. Likewise follow stories on the SPU sports info link and of course the team Facebook page


2013 Season Under Way

4 April, 2013

Racing for the 2013 season has begun in typical fashion, though with some unusual kinks. The odd calendar shift of 2013 itself has forced the post-season championships to alter their dates all the way into June which has then caused every other event short of that to go topsy-turvy in terms of scheduling. So with much date jockeying, Falcon racing got underway with a dual of Duels on home waters in mid March.

The Falcon Women's Novice 4 launches for their first race against PLU March 16th. L-R Coxswain Marlise Banks,

stroke seat Heather Dunmoyer, Sarah McDermott, Sarah Doe, and bow-seat Emma Bolton.

Dueling Divisions. While some may be more familiar with Dueling Banjos, dueling with Lutes is perhaps a bit more obscure. Nevertheless, Falcon rowers opened their spring season against the Pacific Lutheran University Lutes.  While a gathering of protestants normally elicits relatively placid occurrences, this duel has become something of a Lenten tradition for the two teams as a means of getting the initial race jitters and tactical trickery out of the athletes’ system so as to make ready for the regatta season.  PLU’s Div. III status on the women’s side, is not to be taken lightly given the Div. III focus on Eights. And the test proved challenging as the SPU women fell in three of the four race categories for the first time in the event's history.  The Falcon women's varsity 4 had the lone victory however, with a convincing nearly half-minute lead. The results for the men came in much much the same with the men's varsity 4 for SPU bring home a solid win, while the Eight slipped to second place by barely a half second to the Lute 8. 

The next duel was more of a reformation rivalry as the Seattle University men turned out for the annual Raptor Cup races on March 23rd.  The Seattle U women, now having gone to Division I varsity, preferred to go practice while the men's club team duked it out in duel format against the seemingly formidable Falcon men.  The SPU men were victorious in four of four categories (light four, novice four, varsity four, and varsity 8) which admittedly kept spirits high for the duration of the exhausting spring break training.

The teams will now head into the multi-lane regatta season beginning at American Lake in Tacoma for the Cascade Sprints regatta.

See these and other results posted here. Likewise follow stories on the SPU sports info link and of course the team Facebook page



Homecoming 2013

Jan 18, 2013

All are welcome to join us again to celebrate our amazing history of crew at Seattle Pacific with the annual Homecoming events, Saturday 26 January, 2013.  We'll be hosting the standard formatted Alumni vs. Novice race over the more traditional 843-meter course on the Ship Canal, followed by brunch in the Falcon Lounge. Family members are welcome, childcare will be provided.  Those desiring to race should plan to arrive at 8:30 a.m. to sign up, brunch following races. 

It should be a great time of fellowship and storytelling and catching up with teammates of yore. We hope to see everyone here!


2012 Crew Season Closure

May 21, 2012

The 2012 season reached its climax appropriately at the nation's largest and oldest championship, the Dad Vail Regatta, with over 150 teams in attendance from all over the country, including the Seattle Pacific Women's Varsity 8 and Varsity 4. The first SPU men's crew was also in attendance since the 2004 men's novice 4 and men's lightweight 4 reached the prestigious championship. Like the men's light four then, this year's novice four finished 6th in the grand final in a huge field of distinguished competitors from all program levels. The field of 49 made for an intense two days with nine heats and three semi-finals of qualification and the Falcon men rose to the challenge in classic form with the third fastest time among all nine heats. Things evened up from there however, advancing to the grand final with the fifth fastest time of the six to go on, and their work cut out for them in the less than ideal lane 1. 

The conditions were tricky for all crews with high winds and high temperatures for the finals. What amounted to a  high crosswind with a slight tail, became a high crosswind with a slight head once crews turned the controversial corner of the 75 year old Schuylkill River course. The 80-degree heat of the afternoon also had crews taking extra precautions with two races each on finals day.

The Women's Varsity 4 did quite well to advance to the semi-final but in a very unusual set of circumstances as five of the 24 entrants failed to account for the wind and current adequately and make it to the starting line on time.  These crews were excluded of course and several heats ended up being automatic qualifiers for those remaining merely by rowing down the course. The Falcon 4 heat however, was in full attendance and they raced well and hard to make the Saturday final. The WV8 found themselves in perhaps the worst seeding situation they'd ever faced which put them in the dreaded scenario of being in the faster of two heats with their primary Division II opponent in the slow heat. Needing at least third to advance, the women's 8 finished 4th but with a time fast enough to finish in second place in the slow heat. They got an opportunity to race for time in the Petite final in an attempt to better Barry University's time, and did so extending it even out from 2 to about 4 seconds. Absent the head-to-head comparison however, this series of events was ultimately to deny the Falcons their fourth bid in a row to the NCAA regatta and end the season for them disappointingly.

See this and other results posted here. Likewise follow stories on the SPU sports info link and of course the team Facebook page


Covered Bridge Regatta

April 14, 2012

Another terrific day for racing in Lowell, Oregon, and the Men's Novice 4 are the big winners of the day. See this and other results posted here. Likewise follow stories on the SPU sports info link and of course the team Facebook page.


Conference Invitational Concludes

April 8, 2012

By stark contrast with the dreary, driving rain and opposing winds of the Raptor Cup, this week's Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference Invitational at Lake Vancouver provided the balmiest of climes and hospitable waters the entire day. This is highly uncharacteristic for this lake, but was most welcome nonetheless as the competition was stiff enough. Falcon crews on the men's side performed fairly well with a third and two very strong 2nd place finishes, one by the men's novice four which was nearly 20 seconds faster than the nearest conference competitor, setting them up very well for the Conference championship in two weeks. The men all doubled up in a completely unpracticed JV8 but likewise posted a tremendous 2nd place finish over two conference rivals. The women's highlight was a spectacular V8 second final that had no open separation among the four competitors the entire 2000 meter race, a feat of athletic uniformity almost impossible to achieve considering the mile and a quarter of environmental factors and a host of other human and equipment variables.

For more on the racing see the SPU sports info link and of course the team Facebook page. Official results posted here as well.


Falcons Wrap Up Raptor Cup

March 31, 2012

Fowl conditions were the order of the day with driving rain and strong headwinds dominating the scene of each of the six races. Times were excruciatingly slow but the water in the canal stayed basically amenable, enough at least to get off all races without delays or restarts. The men's team had a rough beginning with the varsity 4 at the top of the order falling to the Redhawks after leading nearly the entire course. The novice men avenged that loss however with a solid victory over Seattle University by vast open water.  The women's races were split 2 to 1 with the Falcon women grabbing big wins in the V8 and JV4 categories. While the WV4 clawed back in the final sprint, they were denied victory by the Redhawks with barely a 3-second margin over a brutal 9-minute race. 

Had Seattle U. not race exhibition in two races the team points would have drawn a tie at 6 points each, as it was however, the Falcons came out ahead with a final tally of 9 to 6 over the Redhawks. See the official results at our team link www.spu.edu/depts/crew/schedule.htm, and follow related stories on the sports info page at www.spufalcons.com, and of course on our Facebook page.



Cascade Sprints Provide Key First Regatta Learning Curve

March 24, 2012

With significantly more spring-like conditions than last weekend, the teams took to the waters of American Lake again this time in their first multi-lane formatted regatta against seven other northwest teams. With conditions worsening over the span of the morning however, the non-buoyed course proved to be a great training ground for the crews who were required to figure out things quickly under pressure. The crews did well in the melee of sprint racing and managed even to pull out some strong results against some strong competition. Notably the men's side demonstrated very positive improvement with two 2nd place finishes in their two primary categories, the varsity 4 and novice 4. The women struggled a bit more with conditions and consistency, but stayed in the game in all categories and again pulled out some great stepping stones to what is their typical late season improvement. See the official results at our link www.spu.edu/depts/crew/schedule.htm, and follow related stories on the sports info page at www.spufalcons.com, and of course on our Facebook page.


SPU/PLU Duel Rings in Winter II

March 17, 2012

A local weatherman indicated wryly today that Seattle is the only city where you can have a green Christmas and a white St. Patrick's Day. The irony was not lost on the Falcon Crews who took to the water for their first contest at American Lake in very wintery conditions with large flakes descending on the first four events of the day, snow mixed with rain for the others. The wind and water were cooperative however, making for reasonably smooth water and some decent results for the Falcon rowers securing four of five categories. Notable among them was an exciting 3-second margin over the Lutes by the Men's JV four and a come-from-behind victory by the Women's Varsity 8 in the final segment. For the full coverage tune into the www.spufalcons.com home page and news links.


Grand Homecoming Success

Event Draws Early Coaching Legacies

SPC/SPU rowing coaches from year one to the present L-R: David Covey, Bernie Delke,

Bill Mickelson, Doug Deardorf, Rich Laurance, Jim Schultz, Keith Jefferson

The 40th Year Homecoming event and gala were a smashing success with representation from all eras of rowing at Seattle Pacific College and University racing, speaking, eating, and sharing great stories of Seattle Pacific crew's amazing history.  Racing began the day with an alumni men's four edging out the current SPU men's novice four, but the drama unfolded with the second alumni crew in the form of an early crab and a jumped slide causing them to struggle heroically for a finish at all on the demanding modified Olympic course of approximately 674 meters and a tailwind. The alum women didn't fare as well but faced a formidable opponent with six varsity rowers in the SPU lineup. Trailing by open water the alums pulled up 2nd and 3rd respectively with an 8 and a 4.

The gala brunch was a fantastic follow on to the races with a string of speakers covering every era of Seattle Pacific crew. Starting with founding father coaches Dave Covey and Bernie Delke, many great stories and reflections were shared by five former coaches that had everyone waxing nostalgic. Heartwarming historical anecdotes wrought many laughs, a few tears and a great appreciation for the challenges and victories for a small program with a big past. See and post Homecoming photos and stories of your past SPC/SPU crew experiences on our new crew Facebook page.

Thanks to all who attended and made this one of the most memorable events ever for Seattle Pacific rowing.


SPU Crew Goes to Facebook!

Though rowing is a highly traditional sport, Falcon rowing did not want to fail to keep up with modern networking trends and has launched its

own Facebook page. Now you can keep up with us as we go viral with victory.  Look for the link below throughout our web pages:


SPU Welcomes Tent City 3

Beginning in late January Tent City 3, a program run by King County's SHARE/WHEEL organization to aid the homeless, will occupy Seattle Pacific University's Wallace Field.  This will last up through March 2012 and will be temporary home for up to 100 homeless individuals during the hardest of the northwest's winter months. This is an excellent opportunity for Seattle Pacific and the rowing program to have an outreach literally in our own backyard. For more information on this effort click on this link.



Women's Crew Wins NCAA Nationals' Petite Final

May 31, 2011

2011 Women's Varsity 8, L-R: Katy Stine(stroke), Emily Pitts (7), Jacky Neumiller (6), Kindra Fish (5),

Kristi Tamaki (cox), Katja Ibsen (4), Emily Scrabeck (3), Laura Hanes (2), Baylee O'Camb (bow)

For the third straight year, Seattle Pacific's women were selected to represent the top Division II programs at the NCAA women's rowing championship in Sacramento. Quite disappointed having earned the DII at large team bid yet not selected as such by the committee, the Falcon women's team was nevertheless pleased to advance in any capacity given their phenomenal season winning or medaling every weekend with five true novices in the V8 line-up, one in the varsity 4! For an NCAA racing recap see the athletics Sports Info site. The 2011 championship season bodes well for the future despite graduating key leaders Kristi Tamaki (cox) and Emily Pitts (7), as the overall depth of experience seems to keep on advancing through championship exposure, experience and program establishment. Stay connected here for more exciting news on the 2012 rowing season.


Men's Varsity 4 Gain Bronze at Coast Championship

May 16, 2011

2011 Pacific Coast Championship Bronze medal Men's Varsity 4

L-R: Greg Ballard (bow), David Peterson (stroke), Jacqueline Reyes (cox), Dain Carley (2), Phil Mach (3).

Against some formidable PAC-10 crews, the SPU Men's Varsity Four made their final outing of the season at the Pacific Coast Rowing Championship on Lake Natoma May 14th. Deteriorating weather over the entire weekend made things quite challenging for all competitors, the following day's races within minutes of being cancelled. The Falcon V4 nevertheless, pulled tenaciously into the headwind for an exhausting 3rd place finish defeating regional rivals Washington State(b), University of Oregon, University of Southern California, and Portland State, but falling to the Cal Bears and WSU's first entry.

The PCRC bronze finish capped nicely however, something of a miracle season as ultimately injuries and illness led to two lightweights joining with two openweights for an unlikely combination. It was clearly one that proved fast in the end however, with a silver at the conference championship followed by SPU's first ever WIRA regional championship win in the heavy V4. The crew graduates significant leadership in both Dain Carley (2-seat/captain), and bowman Greg Ballard (bow), but waiting in the wings to are the 2011 conference champion JV4 showing considerable promise to keep the men's group moving forward to the medals stands in 2012.


Women's V8 Climbing the Vails Medals Stand

May 15, 2011

L-R: Keith Jefferson, Coach, Laura Hanes 2, Emily Scrabeck, 3, Katja Ibsen 4, Jacky Neumiller 6, Emily Pitts 7,

Front row L-R: Baylee O'Camb bow, Kindra Fish 5, Kristi Tamaki cox, Katy Stine stroke.

For the third straight season the women's Varsity 8 has advanced one more position at the Dad Vail Collegiate championship regatta, this year claiming the silver medal by a nose in the last stroke. In what has become standard fashion, the Falcon 8 was 5th of 6 in the first half of the Division II grand final race and had to patiently plow through the competition one crew at a time through the last thousand meters, closing with a spectacular sprint to pass Nova Southeastern in literally the last two strokes for the 2nd position. Similar to last year's bronze medal finish, the ladies eight was well prepared, but with considerable youth in the lineup were somewhat unsure as to placement expectation. This lack of clarity was evident right up to this race's fantastic photo finish, with a touch of suspense waiting for the official decision, the crew was ecstatic to learn of their last second victory. Mercyhurst college placed first but only two seats ahead, and the tight medaling group made the whole event one of the finest spectacles in Falcon rowing history. For the most exciting recap, the outstanding full race video can still be viewed at ESPN3.com at this link: Dad Vail WV8, scrolling to minute 13 to catch the women's action. 

Unlike the previous two years, the weather cooperated marvelously and conditions were excellent with temperatures in the 70s, minimal river current and very light headwinds most days. These conditions helped both the V8 and the V4 perform quite well, the latter doing their job in defeating several key Division II competitors and helping to potentially seal the at large team bid for the 2nd year in a row for the NCAA national championship. For more on the story: Sports Info site


First Ever WIRA Championship Banner for Men's Varsity Four!

May 3, 2011

Coming from behind in the last stroke to win the race, the Falcon Men's Varsity Four put new meaning to the term of racing for that "extra inch" at the 2011 Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championship in Rancho Cordova, California on the first of May. In what was declared a photo finish last Sunday, the officials had to review video footage to determine that the SPU four had indeed won by "half a bowball", equating to almost exactly one inch. Pulling an incredibly solid 2000 meters, the men started out in 2nd position in lane one rowing clean and continuing to edge out much of the competition right away. Out in lane 4 however, was a powerful starting group from UC Santa Barbara jumping out to an early lead over the field including some distance over the SPU men. It wasn't until the last 500 meters that the Falcon sweeps started closing the gap pouring it on to literally inch past Santa Barbara's nose. This is the first WIRA win for SPU men since the pair in 2005, and the first men's four to win since the men's light four in 2004.

The women's categories also fared quite well despite battling a daunting crosswind for the heats on Saturday, both the women's varsity 8 and 4 finished in second place to advance to Sunday's grand finals denying Division II rival UC San Diego any further challenges. The women's varsity four finished fourth in their grand with a superb time of 8:03.2 which sets up the team very well for another team bid to the NCAA national championship at the end of the month. The women's 8 like the men spared no less excitement in their grand final coming from a distant 5th place almost the entire race passing only in the final seconds for a tremendous second-place finish The V8 nipped Division II foe Humboldt State in that charge for silver mustering an incredible 6:45.4 finish time in very neutral course conditions.

All three crews now prepare for Opening Day racing at the Montlake Cut in Seattle as a primer for their next championship bouts; the men to Pacfiic Coast Championships in Sacramento - where they will again face UC Santa Barbara - while the women head to the Dad Vail Rowing Association Championship in Philadelphia. See results and stay tuned for further updates and information.


Championship Segment Commences With SPU "Hat Trick" at Lake Stevens

2011 Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference champions in the men's junior varsity 4

L-R: Bill Douthit(bow), Connor Lewis (2-seat), Ana Munshell (cox), Will Kolb (3-seat), Brandon Wagoner (stroke)

With three wins leading the charge, both men's and women's crews terminated the regular season with Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference championship gold in the men's pair, men's JV4, and women's varsity 4, and medals in nearly every other category entered. Both gender teams finished third in team points which speaks very well for efficiency given that many of the large point categories were not availed of Falcon entries. Making the medals stand were silver in the men's varsity 4, men's pair (B entry), and women's novice 4, and earning bronze in the women's varsity 8 and women's JV4. The men's varsity 4 will look to advance to the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association championship hoping to qualify for a national berth at the USRA collegiate championships, while the women's 8 and varsity 4 do the same on target for their second at-large team bid to the NCAA championship. Link into the Falcon Sports Info site to get detailed articles and interviews as well as our results page to see the latest results and upcoming event information.


2011 Season Kicks Off With Falcon Wins

Men's and women's crews have done well kicking off the season with 7 wins over two competitions. The spring racing season is upon us and you can keep up to date here at our results page and get the professional spin at the Sports Info site complete with interview links and stories to fill in the gaps. April continues a season with no weekends off and the championship segment coming up quickly on the 23rd at Lake Stevens for the conference titles. Stay tuned and support your Falcon rowers throughout the season.




4-Miler returns!

Oct. 8th, 2011

This year newly revised as the

1st Annual Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 4-Miler


Stay tuned for more info on what will be a benefit fundraising event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in search of cure for Cystic Fibrosis


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