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All of SPU's BS Engineering Degrees are ABET-accredited. This includes the Electrical, Computer and General Engineering degrees.





Engineering At SPU

About Engineering

SPU’s bachelor of science degree with a major in engineering is rooted in the Christian faith and equips students with the skills and intelligence to make a difference in our world. The Engineering Program features four distinctive qualities:

It’s hands-on. The Engineering Program is about putting theory into practice, accomplished through small class sizes as well as required internships and design projects.

It’s community-oriented. Small class sizes bring students together in a supportive environment; professors encourage the pursuit of excellence, but not at the expense of others.

It’s Christ-centered. Servant leadership is highly stressed in the Engineering Program, applying SPU's mission statement of "engaging the culture and changing the world" to engineering studies.

It’s employer-recommended. Placement rate into the career world is high for graduates of the Engineering Program.

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to equip students with theoretical knowledge and applied skills to create and utilize appropriate solutions in Engineering and Computing disciplines.  Within a supportive Christian community, we prepare our students to become responsible and effective servant-leaders.

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