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All of SPU's BS Engineering Degrees are ABET-accredited. This includes the Electrical, Computer and General Engineering degrees.





3-2 Transfer program

To offer the advantages of combining Christian liberal arts with engineering majors not offered at SPU, SPU has dual-degree agreements with the University of Washington and Washington State University.

These agreements allow students to complete three years of study at SPU and two years at the partner school After completing all of the requirements for both schools, he or she will receive a B.A. in Physical Sciences from SPU and a B.S. from the participating engineering school.

During the three years spent in residence at SPU, the student satisfies both the requirements for the SPU B.A. degree and many fundamental requirements for the B.S. degree by taking the core Christian foundations, liberal arts, and prescribed courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering. If the student then fulfills the entrance requirements of the partner university, he or she may then transfer to the participating university. At that university, the student will spend two years taking upper-division engineering courses to complete the second degree.

For more information, please read the 3-2 Dual Degree Program Advising Document or contact the engineering department.

See the Engineering Resource Page for documents and details.