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All of SPU's BS Engineering Degrees are ABET-accredited. This includes the Electrical, Computer and General Engineering degrees.





Engineering Laboratories

Machine Shop

The engineering department has a comprehensive machine shop located in OMH143.  In addition to basic hand tools, the facility has an industrial mill, lathe, welding, drill press, cutting and grinding equipment, and air tools all for metalworking, as well as woodworking hand and power tools. 

All students using the shop must have read the Machine Shop Safety Rules.

Access to the shop is restricted to students who have passed a basic online safety examination.  This examination requires knowledge of the shop rules and watching a basic safety video.  Students who pass this examination with at least 95% may then access the shop and use basic hand tools; use of any power or air tool requires additional training which must be coordinated with Dr. Arabian.

Students who have not passed the training may only enter the shop as visitors escorted by students who have passed the training and may not use any tools.

To obtain access, watch the video located at:


and learn the attached rules. 

You may then take the online examination independently located at:


You must print the page showing your final grade and email it to Dr. Arabian to be added to the access list.  Please be aware that access to the shop is a privilege and may be revoked based on the judgment of faculty or shop supervisors.