Position: Associate Professor of Food & Nutrition

photo of Daniela Geleva

Ph.D. Nutrition, 2001. Thesis title: "Effects of solubilized cellulose (a viscous dietary fiber) on serum lipids, blood pressure, insulin, glucose and cholecystokinin metabolism in
hypercholesterolemic humans"

B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics, 1997.

Courses taught: Human Nutrition, Food & the Consumer, Advanced Nutrition & Metabolism, Nutrition for Sports & Exercise, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition Research, The Mediterranean Diet & Lifestyle, Sustainable Food Production, Community Kitchen Practicum

Research interests:

  1. The role of plant foods in chronic disease prevention with emphasis on obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
  2. The effect of physiological and environmental factors on food intake and body weight
  3. The impact of traditional food patterns on health and community, especially in the Mediterranean region
  4. Sustainability in food systems

Publication highlights:
A Bach-Faig, D Geleva, JL Carrasco, L Ribas-Barba, L Serra-Majem L. Evaluating associations between Mediterranean diet adherence indexes and biomarkers of diet and disease, Pub Health Nutr 9(8A):1110-1117, 2007.

TMS Wolever, JE Campbell, D Geleva, GH Anderson. High fiber cereal reduces postprandial insulin responses in hyperinsulinemic, but not normoinsulinemic subjects, Diabetes Care, 27(6):1281-5, 2004.

D Geleva, W Thomas, MC Gannon, JM Keenan. A solubilized cellulose fiber decreases peak postprandial cholecystokinin concentrations after a liquid mixed meal in hypercholesterolemic men and women, J Nutr 133:2194-2203, 2003.


SENIOR NUTRITION SCIENTIST General Mills, Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, Golden Valley, MN

RESEARCH ASSISTANT Hypertension and Cholesterol Research Clinic, University of Minnesota Medical School, Department of Family Practice and Community Health, Minneapolis, MN

TEACHING COORDINATORUniversity of Minnesota Department of Food Science and Nutrition, St. Paul, MN
Professional memberships: American Society for Nutrition, American Dietetic Association, Greater Seattle Dietetic Association

On a lighter note:
I grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria and moved to the US for college. My favorite things include mountains (climbing, hiking or snowshoeing in them), cooking, cycling, eating (especially homegrown tomatoes and leafy greens), yoga, fine art, reading, kittens, photography, music, modern dance, public radio, watching documentaries, kite flying, tea, learning about artisan product making, poetry and of course, travel.

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