Position:  Associate Professor and Director of Didactic Program in Dietetics

photo of Gaile Moe

Courses taught: Food Science, Experimental Foods, Food and Culture, Human Nutrition, Medical Nutrition Therapy

Research interests:  Clinical nutrition, promoting health and wellness, reporting of nutrition research in the media, dietetics education.

Dr. Moe joined the SPU faculty in 1995 and has directed the didactic program in dietetics since 2004.  She previously worked as a registered dietitian with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  She has published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association and Cancer Biomarkers and Prevention and is currently working on a college-level nutrition textbook.  She also is an education program reviewer for the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education. 

Professional memberships:  American Dietetic Association and Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, Dietetic Educators of Professionals and Food and Culinary practice groups; American Society for Nutrition. 

On a lighter note: I am a life-long learner of all things related to food and nutrition.  An understanding of global food systems along with cultural patterns and beliefs related to foods can help us all be better global citizens.  I don’t have a “favorite food” but I do have many food favorites:  

  1. Favorite food organization is Bread for the World, a Christian organization that advocates for hungry people.
  2. Favorite food book is the classic On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee.  He weaves fascinating and accurate descriptions of food science with culinary arts, social trends and history.  Another excellent book is Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.  Learn about the causes and consequences of the US food system.
  3. Favorite food films are Mostly Martha, Like Water for Chocolate, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, and the documentary The Future of Food.
  4. Favorite market – any farmer’s market in Seattle.  Go to http://www.seattlefarmersmarkets.org/. and http://dnr.metrokc.gov/wlr/farms/. to learn about farmers markets in our area.
  5. Favorite berry field – Bybee’s Blueberry Farm in North Bend.  Blueberries are easy to pick and freeze and an excellent source of antioxidant phytochemicals!
  6. Favorite web recipe site – allrecipes.com.

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