The Individual and Family Development major prepares students to work as family and community services professionals, serving the needs of people at all stages of life development. They may provide housing assistance for low-income individuals, offer financial education and assistance to single parents, or supervise after-school activities for young teens. They may provide care for the elderly, nutrition advice for young parents, or supply temporary housing for people in transition. In fact, for every identified family need there is usually a family services professional who can provide resources for meeting the need.

Individual and Family Development

Jobs in family and community services today are many and varied. Because families exist in every culture and every community, the skills held by family service professionals are greatly needed. The environments in which families exist are always changing. As a result, use of new knowledge and technology must be combined with an age-old concern for improving the lives of those in the community. As the worldwide population continues to grow, so will the need for family services workers. There will continue to be a need for family services professionals as long as there are people and families. The family and consumer sciences discipline offers a strong knowledge base for family services professionals.

There are a wide range of specializations available to new graduates once they enter the field.  These include:

The health and wellness of individuals and families is critical to society.  The Individual and Family Development major will prepare family service professionals to make a difference in the lives of those around them.  
Refer to the University Catalog for course requirements for this major.

Individual and Family Development MINOR
The Individual and Family Development (IFD) minor can enhance any major field of study. The IFD minor prepares students to serve the needs of people at all stages of life development. Though studying individual and family life stages, better understanding of physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs are understood. Relationships between family members, work, and culture are explored in the context of Christian values. Refer to the University Catalog for degree requirements.

Application to the Major
Individual and Family Development students may apply to the major after successful completion of any three Family and Consumer Sciences courses.

Major Status Applications are due the first Friday of Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarter.

A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for admission to the major.