Governmental & Educational Sites 
(American Indian Head Start Quality Improvement Center)
(Bureau of Labor Statistics)
(National Survey of Family Growth)
(U.S. Census Bureau)
(Child and Family Life of Canada)
(Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics)
(Maslow's Conditions of Learning)  
(U.S. Consumer Gateway)
(Consumer Information for Children) 
(U.S. Government's Website for Identity Theft)
(National Center for Children in Poverty)
(Consumer Product Safety Commission)
(Child, Youth and Family Consortium-University of Minnesota)
(Children, Youth and Families Education and Research Network)
(U.S. Department of Education)
(Family Policy Compliance Office)
(Environmental Protection Administration) 
(Iowa State University Extension Strengthening Family Relationships)
(Family Village)
(Food Drug Administration) 
(Federal Trade Commission)

www.ftc. gov/privcay/index.html
(Federal Trade Commission)

(Building Family Strengths)

(Health and Human Services)
(Internet Fraud Complaint Center)
(National Institute on Aging) 
(National Institute of Mental Health)
(National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)
(Federal Citizen Information Center)
(Marriage and Family Processes)
(John F. Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development)  (Consumer Education for Teens)

Organizational Sites
(American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (American Academy of Pediatrics)
(ABCs of Parenting) 
(Annie E. Casey Foundation) 
(The Autism Society of America)
(National Council on Aging)
(Coalition for Asian American Children and Families)
(Campaign for our Children)
(Center for Human Development) 
(Child Care Action Campaign)
(Children Now)
(Connect for Kids) 
(Children, Youth, Family Education National Network)
(Dr. Toy) 
(Health and Human Development Programs) 
Focus on the Family
(Families and Work Institute)
Families Northwest
(Family Education from the Learning Network)
(Family First)
(Family and Corrections Network) 
(Stepfamily Association of America)
(Focus Adolescent Services)
(Family Research Council)
(The Future of Children)
(Families World Wide)
(Gryphon House Books)
(The Grandparent Foundation)
(Health Web)
(National Institute on Media and the Family) 
(Family and Marriage Today)
(National Association of Family Child Care)
(The Alliance for Children and Family) information
(National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators)
(National Association for Family Child Care)
(National Black Child Development Institute)

(National Child Care Association)
(National Conference of Catholic Bishops)
(National Child Care Information Center)
(National Council on Family Relations)
(National Family Caregivers Association)
(National Head Start Association)
(National Latino Children's Institute)
(National Child Care)
(National Child, Youth & Families at Risk)

(The National Parenting Education Network)
(National Parent Information Network)
(Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory Child and Family Program)
(Parenting Center) 
(Parents Place with I-Village)
(Mister Rogers Neighborhood)
(Public Agenda Online)
(Resources for Human Development)
(National SAFE KIDS Campaign) resources
(Sesame Street Workshop)  
(National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy)
(National Association of State Public Interest Research)

(Toy Industry Trade Association)
(The Venier Institute of the Family) (The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy)  

Commercial Sites (Marriage and Family Resources)
(A to Z Teacher Stuff)
(Baby Center)

(Care Networks) 
(Child Care Information Exchange Magazine)

(Little Explorers Picture Dictionary) 
(Family Corner)
(Family Education)
(Family Fun)
(Family Information Service)
(Family Life)
(All Family Resources)
(Games Kids Play)
(A Daycare Providers Home Page)
(Military Family Resource Center)
(My Prime Time Family)
(Smart Marriage)
(The Education Center)
(Yahoo Families)

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