An interior designer is someone whose work directly and indirectly impacts the lives of individuals from every walk of life.  The three basic needs of all humans are food, shelter, and clothing, and people spend 90% of their time indoors.  Good designers do not deal in the obtuse or irrelevant.  They deal in meeting basic human needs such as health, safety, and the edification of the soul.  They also adhere to such lofty ideals as social justice, equal access to facilities for all persons, and environmental responsibility.

To prepare interior design students to succeed in such endeavors, Seattle Pacific University provides courses that encompass skills in such areas as space planning, architectural drafting, art and design history, universal design (spatial design for persons of all abilities), interior finishes and materials, and green design.  As part of a program within a university committed to changing the world, the interior design faculty place strong emphasis on the areas of universal and environmentally responsible design, incorporating their principles into multiple projects in multiple courses. 
There are a wide range of specializations available to new graduates once they enter the field.  These include:

Good interior designers have the ability to positively impact the quality of people's lives at home, work, or any other interior space in which they find themselves.  SPU's interior design program is designed to prepare students for entry into any design specialization they choose.  It's also designed to help them make the world a better place to be.

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Application to the Major

Interior Design students may apply to the major after successful completion of the prerequisite courses.

Applications are due October 10, January 10, and April 10. Check with the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences for more specific dates.

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For a printable checklist, click here PDF file

A minimum GPA of 2.8 is required for admission to the major. 

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