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  • All relationships between Seattle Pacific University and another party (i.e. hiring of services, rental of facilities, use of equipment, etc.) are to be cemented in a written document or contract.
  • All contracts must be approved by the Office of Business and Planning, Jordana Ross and, as needed, Craig Kispert and/or Don Mortenson.  The ONLY exceptions to this rule are the use of standard SPU contracts that have been created by OBP for general use.  As of today, there are only two for use by STUB and ASSP, the Performer Agreement and the Speaker Agreement.
  • Contracts are to be submitted to OBP at least 4 weeks in advance of signature due date.  NO contracts are to be returned to vendor/service provider without OBP approval.  Exceptions to the 4 week policy are made on a case-by-case basis, to be discussed with Jordana Ross.  Non-compliance with this procedure can result in a delay of payment or services, and/or costs and liability of an event falling to the single signing individual.  Employees who sign and submit a contract to the vendor/service provider without official university approval (and proof of such) risks having such action deemed to fall outside of their requisite job duties.  Such action is considered contrary to university policy and standard procedures for contract processing.
  • If a contract is submitted to Marci Walden for Payment without OBP prior approval, all documentation will be diverted to Jordana Ross without processing.
  • Event coordinator(s) are to act as the liason between OBP and the vendor/service provider should any contract negotiations be needed.
  • Only after OBP approval will any payments documentation be submitted to Marci Walden.
  • The Office of Business and Planning requires an original copy of the contract signed by both parties to be submitted to Jordana Ross prior to any event or service taking place.  Once again, exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis (i.e. accepting a faxed signature vs. original).




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