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What are waiver forms and when do you need them?
A waiver form states that participants in an event understand the University is not responsible for their actions or injuries that result from participating in the event. The participant also agrees to hold the University harmless if any injury does occur.

There is not a clear list as to which events require a signed waiver form. Some activities, by their nature, carry greater risk than others. Activities which are physical and rigorous require a waiver form. Below are some simple examples:


Waivers May Not Need Waivers
Horseback Riding Meetings/Study Breaks
Skiing Banquets
Rafting Recitals/Small Concerts
Big Concerts Plays
Sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc.) Auctions
Hiking Education Seminars
Floor or Hall Retreats Bible Studies


Waivers can be obtained for your specific event by filling out the waiver request form and turning it in to the risk management and insurance specialist. Signed waivers should also be turned in to the risk managment and insurance specialist. Any questions regarding the applicability of waivers, or general liability questions, should be directed to the risk managment and insurance specialist.




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