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What is direct deposit?
Direct deposit is the fastest way to get your paycheck into your bank account. It is especially convenient for paydays that occur when you are away from campus. Your net earnings are sent electronically to the bank account(s) you specify and will be deposited into your account by 6:00 a.m. on the payday. If you elect to use more than one account, you will need to specify how to split your earnings among the accounts.

How do I set up direct deposit?
A test run or “prenote” is done on the first payday following receipt of your completed authorization form. The prenote is usually successful on the first attempt, and the following payday your funds will be submitted to your account(s) electronically.

What if I want to change the account that is used for direct deposit?
Please notify SPU if you close your account(s), so that your direct deposit can be handled appropriately. The addition of new account(s) will require a prenote, so you may opt to receive a paper check on the payday when the prenote occurs, or you may have your funds directly deposited to your previously used account(s).

What if I want to change the amount that goes to my direct deposit account?
Submit your request for a change in direct deposit amount in writing—an email is fine. Please include the account that is affected and what the new amount should be. Student employees need to notify the student payroll technician, and all others notify the payroll lead.

Will I still receive pay stub information?
Currently, faculty and staff will receive an “advice of deposit” that includes all the same information as appears on a paper paycheck stub. Students receive direct deposit information by logging into the Banner Info System from the SPU homepage.


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