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A certificate of insurance details the insurance coverage of the University to outside agencies. It is meant simply to show proof of insurance and does not extend coverage to the party receiving the certificate. The University does not add on outside agencies as additional insured. Organizations requesting a certificate of insurance from the University prior to the use of its facilities and/or properties must provide a copy of a contract. The contract must be sent to the risk management and insurance specialist in the Finance Office for approval (see contract procedures). The University will not issue a certificate of insurance for documents that contain inappropriate indemnity and/or hold harmless language or for contracts not approved by the Office of Business & Planning. Certificates of insurance are issued from the University insurance broker and can be requested by submitting a certificate of insurance request form to the risk managment and insurance specialist.

In some situations, the University will request that the outside agency we are contracted with provide the University with a certificate of insurance. If you receive a certificate of insurance from an outside agency, it should be sent to the risk management and insurance specialist in the Finance Office to confirm the insurance coverage meets specifications of the event and University.



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