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Liability Insurance
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Property Coverage
Emergency Travel Insurance

Coverage is extended to any present or former trustee, director, officer, administrator, employee, volunteer worker, student teacher or student intern of the University, while acting within the scope of their duties to or on behalf of the University. Coverage does not extend to the above-mentioned individuals’ actions outside their said duties, or to conduct that is intentionally harmful or malicious.

Insurance Requirements for Groups Using Campus Facilities
Groups coming to campus to host events shall maintain insurance coverage from an AM Best rated insurance company. They should be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to worker compensation and have sufficient coverage to handle any liability arising out of any such claim brought by any employee, agent, subcontractor or independent contractor of the group. Comprehensive commercial general liability should be in an amount not less than $3,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and $1,000,000 per occurrence for property damage. Automobile liability insurance for all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles should be in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. The University shall be named as additional insured on the group’s insurance policies.

Special Event Insurance
For groups who do not have adequate liability insurance, or none at all, the University offers a special events insurance policy. This policy provides liability coverage for the groups at the limits required by the University. Cost for the special events insurance is determined by the type of event the group is providing and the number of people attending the event. To obtain information or have questions answered regarding the special events insurance, contact the risk management and insurance specialist in the Finance Office at x2461.

Coverage is extended to any person legally responsible for the use of an automobile owned, borrowed or hired for use by the University, provided the automobile is used with the permission of the University.

Motorpool Vehicles
Motorpool vehicles are checked out and maintained by the Office of Safety and Security. For more information on motorpool vehicles and the related policies and procedures, please visit http://www.spu.edu/depts/security/motorpool.asp.

Rental Vehicles
The University’s auto liability and physical damage insurance extends to vehicles rented for University business.

Auto Insurance Coverage Through University Purchasing Cards
MasterCard offers the MasterRental Insurance Coverage for University individuals who use their University purchasing card to rent vehicles. MasterRental will pay for covered damages up to certain limits per incident for which the cardholder or any authorized driver is legally responsible to the rental agency on a primary basis. The coverage does not extend to vehicles that accommodate more than nine passengers.

Personal Vehicles
The University auto liability and physical damage coverage does not extend to personal vehicles driven by individuals for University business. Individuals are responsible for their own auto insurance.

Transportation Policy
Academic courses usually do not require the transportation of Seattle Pacific University students from campus to another location unless so stated in the course syllabi. If the course or event is to be convened at the remote location, students are required to provide their own transportation to the site. Unless specifically stated, the University normally assumes no responsibility for determining transportation of students to the site of a course.

Unless specifically stated, the University is not responsible for transportation of students to non-academic activities, whether such activities occur on or off campus. Students are responsible for their own transportation to such activities.

If transportation of SPU students is in University-owned or sponsored vehicles, drivers must have passed a defensive driving course, possess a current driver’s license and have authorized a check of their driving records. The Office of Safety and Security maintains a list of qualified drivers. They need not be notified of all officially sponsored travel.

Any exception to this policy must be approved in advance and in writing by the Vice President for Business and Planning.

The University is insured for certain defined perils on University Real Property, University Personal Property, and business interruptions.

Personal Property
The University will not be liable for articles that are lost, stolen or damaged by fire, water, heat and/or other natural disasters. (Individuals are encouraged to purchase insurance to cover loss or damage to personal property or extend their homeowners’ insurance for this purpose.)

Travel Insurance
The University requires that all persons participating in University trips outside the United States have emergency travel insurance which includes health coverage, political and security evacuation, and natural disaster response. The University offers insurance through HTH Worldwide. The coverage includes locating qualified medical providers, medical monitoring, emergency transportation and/or evacuation, repatriation of remains, replacement of medication, and other emergency services. Contact the risk management and insurance specialist in the Finance Office at x2461 with any questions regarding this coverage.

If you so choose you are welcome to purchase, at your own expense, trip interruption insurance in case of a missed flight or other unforeseen mishap. This coverage is not mandatory.  It is optional and obtained at the traveller's own time and expense.



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