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Payments - Transactions Between $5,000 and $9,999


Purchasing Tools:

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order

Signature Authority (See Signature Authority Thresholds)

Purchase Requisition / Purchase Order

  1. Department identifies required specifications and selects appropriate vendor to provide goods or services.
  2. Department completes purchase requisition for purchase of goods/services and forwards it to the PD.
  3. PD verifies budget and signature authority and prepares the purchase order. Copies of the purchase order are forwarded to originating department and vendor. Funds are encumbered for the amount of the purchase order.
  4. Vendor ships goods or provides services to department.
  5. Vendor forwards invoice to the PD for processing.
  6. PD checks the invoice and forwards to originating department for payment approval.
  7. Department completes payment portion of purchase order, attaches original invoice and forwards back to the PD.
  8. PD issues payment to vendor.
  9. Typical turnaround time for a purchase requisition into a purchase order is 24 hours, provided the above criteria (appropriate signatures and budget verification) are met.

Note: Even though documentation of three quotes is not required for this category of expenditures, it is the University’s expectation that vendors are selected based on their ability to meet quality expectations and to be the low cost provider at the specified quality level. It is always a good idea to “shop around” before selecting a vendor.

Vice Presidential Override
Purchases over $5,000 without a purchase order require a vice presidential override. The general policy is that only the vice presidents and the president have the authority to grant VP overrides. Only the president may authorize payment for merchandise and services that have been purchased directly by a vice president for his or her own office or staff without a properly executed purchase order. (No vice president may grant an override for orders made directly by his or her own office.)




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