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The European Studies Major at SPU

Today European unity and diversity are powerful subjects for serious study and personal enrichment. Both historical and contemporary Europe are at the heart of the world of business, travel, the arts, and international politics.

Christianity has important roots in Europe, and today many see Europe as a field for the challenge and opportunity of evangelization in the 21st century. Graduates in European Studies find openings in business, missions, travel, government, and education.

The European Studies major offers students a B.A. degree with the choice of one of five language programs, French, German, Latin, Russian, Spanish, or of a general studies program titled Europe. All programs focus on the language, culture, and literature of Europeans. All European Studies majors must complete satisfactorily the following major requirements:

  1. 21 credits in European Studies courses
  2. 40 credits in one of the six programs listed: 25 of these credits must be upper-division; for the languages programs a minimum of 18 upper-division credits must be in courses taught in the languages
  3. One quarter of study in Europe with the SPU European Quarter, or an approved alternative
  4. a senior paper that integrates learning on Europe to be presented at the European Studies Symposium
  5. proficiency in a second European language (other than English) equivalent to 15 credits of college level elementary language study; in this way a broader interest in the diversity of the European community is assured; these credits may be met by a competency exam or by approved coursework.

The European Quarter is a SPU sponsored study abroad program held autumn or spring quarters. Sites vary, depending on faculty leadership, but participants meet the expectations of a quarter's study in Europe both academically, earning a minimum of 12 credits, and culturally, through in-depth contact with the language/culture connection.

The European Studies Symposium
is a gathering of faculty, students, and professional staff at the University for the presentation of academic and creative work on the "European experience." All European Studies majors must make a presentation in the Symposium before graduation.

The Base Courses for All Majors

  • EUR 1110 Heritage of Europe (5 credits)
  • EUR 3000 European Quarter Orientation (1 credit)
  • EUR 3100 Foundations of European Art (2 credits)
  • EUR 3247 Classics of Eastern European Literature (5 credits)
  • EUR 3500 European Civilizations or 5 credits from the SPU sponsored programs in Salamanca or Normandy (5 credits)
  • EUR 4250 Contemporary European Issues and Personalities (3 credits)

    Total: 21 credits

Students should note that EUR 3000 European Quarter Orientation (1) is a prerequisite for EUR 3500 and that EUR 3100 Foundations of European Art (2) is highly recommended for EUR 3500, as are appropriate language courses.