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Placement Tests

What foreign language placement tests are offered?
SPU offers placement tests for French, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.

Why should I take a placement test?
Your score on a placement test determines how many quarters of foreign language instruction you will need at SPU in order to fulfill the Foreign Language Competency requirement.

What if I am exempt, or I want to study a different language?
If youíre exempt or have met SPUís Foreign Language Competency requirement, but youíd like to continue studying a language, then you need to take the appropriate placement test.

If you want to study a language that isnít offered at SPU, email

Register for a placement test!
  • Auto-enroll in a placement exam here.
  • Follow the directions for the placement exam you wish to take. You must take your placement test in full once you begin.
  • Technical difficulties? If you experience any technical difficulties while taking the exam, email or call 206-281-2170, Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
  • Your test score will be added to Banner within 24 hours.




For questions regarding the Foreign Language Competency requirement, contact your academic counselor.

For any other issues contact Marilyn Hancock or call 206-281-2617.