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Placement Tests

What Foreign Language Placement Tests are offered?
SPU offers placement tests for French, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.

Why should I take a Placement Test?
Your score on a placement test determines how many quarters of foreign language instruction you will need at SPU in order to fulfill the Foreign Language Competency requirement.

What if I Am Exempt, or I want to study a different language?
If youíre exempt or have met SPUís Foreign Language Competency requirement, but youíd like to continue studying a language, then you need to take the appropriate placement test.

If you want to study a language that isnít offered at SPU, email

Sign Up for a Placement Test!
  • Sign up now! Send your request to onlinelearning@spu.
  • Enrollment confirmation. After registering for the Placement Test you should receive a confirmation email and instructions for taking the exam within two business days.
  • Technical difficulties?  If you experience any technical difficulties while taking the exam, please contact or call 206-281-2212.
  • Move your test score. You are responsible for having your test score moved from the Canvas system to the Banner Information System. Contact Marilyn Hancock at or 206-281-2617.  Expect a reply within two business days.




For questions regarding the Foreign Language Competency requirement, contact your academic counselor.

For any other issues contact Marilyn Hancock or call 206.281.2617.