The faculty in SPU's Department of Music are not only experts in their field, but are personally involved in the learning and lives of students. Faculty are well known throughout the region, country, and world as professional performers, lecturers, educators, clinicians and adjudicators. SPU's location brings many outstanding local performers from regional orchestras, chamber ensembles, and other professional organizations to the faculty.

The following list does not include all the numerous guest professionals and adjunct lecturers who contribute to SPU's Music program.

For more complete bios on faculty, please visit the pages of the various areas of study listed in the left menu. Links lead to more detailed information about the faculty in each area.

David Anderson
Assistant Professor of Choral Music
B.A., Whitworth College, 1981; M.Mus., University of Oregon, 1987; D.M.A. (abd), University of Oregon.
At SPU since 1992.
Director of Choral Activities
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** phone at 206-281-2903
Carlene Brown
Assistant Professor of Music
B.A., Music Education and Music Therapy, Emmanuel College,1980; M.A., Systematic Musicology, University of Washington, 1987; Ph.D., Systematic Musicology, University of Washington,1991; Board Certified Music Therapist, CBMT, 2009.
At SPU since 2005.
Director, Music Therapy Program
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** phone at 206-281-2920

Brian Chin

Assistant Professor of Music

B.M., Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, 1998; M.M., Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, 2001; D.M.A. University of Washington, 2006; At SPU since 2001.

Trumpet, Brass Ensemble, Music Theory, and General Studies

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**phone at 206-281-2928

Eric Hanson
Professor of Music
B.M.E., Wheaton College, 1971; M.M., Colorado State University, 1974; D.M.A., University of Washington, 1986.
At SPU since 1979.
Director of Instrumental Music, Composition
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** phone at 206-281-2949
Ramona Holmes
Professor of Music
Music Department Chair
B.S., Portland State University, 1974; M.A.T., University of Washington, 1978; M.A., 1982; D.M.A., 1990.
At SPU since 1994.
Director of Music Education
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** phone at 206-281-2915
Wayne D. Johnson
Professor of Music
B.A., Bob Jones University, 1969; M.M., University of Cincinnati, 1975. D.M.A., 1986.
At SPU since 1977
Director of Keyboard Studies
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** phone at 206-281-2923
** bio, discography and other information at Wayne Johnson Homepage
Gerry Marsh
Instructor of Music
B.A., Northwest Nazarene College, 1967; M.Mus., University of Oregon, 1968.
At SPU since 1998.
Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Director of Music Technology
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** phone at 206-281-2144
Stephen Michael Newby
Associate Professor of Music
B.A., Madonna University, 1984; M.Mus., University of Massachusetts, 1987; D.M.A., University of Michigan, 1994.
At SPU since 2003.
Composition, General Studies, Gospel Choir, Director University Ministries and Center for Worship
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** phone at 206-281-2458

Emeriti Faculty
Marcila C. Mack
Dean, School of Fine and Performing Arts 1987-1990
B.Mus., Cleveland Institute of Music, 1942; Music M., 1946.
At SPU 1955-90.
Emerita since 1990.
Carl H. Reed
Dean, School of Fine and Performing Arts 1977-87
B.A., Seattle Pacific College, 1951; M.A., University of Washington, 1956; Ph.D., 1966.
At SPU 1961-92.
Emeritus since 1991.
Marcia Reed
Bibliographic Specialist in Fine and Performing Arts
B.A. University of Washington, 1951; M.Libr., 1953.
At SPU 1961-92.
Emerita since 1991.
N. Hubert Wash
Professor of Music
A.B. Greenville College, 1943, M.M.Ed, Illinois Wesleyan University, 1960; Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1971.
At SPU 1951-55, 1976-79, and 1981-88.
Emeritus since 1988.
Vernon Wicker
Professor of Music
B.M., Biola College, 1961; M.M., Indiana University, 1964. Goethe Institute, Germany, 1964; D.M.A., University of Oregon, 1979.
At SPU 1979-2002.
Emeritus since 2002.
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Adjunct Music Faculty

Underlined faculty have e-mail links. Click on name to e-mail.
Dan Adams Percussion Studies 206-281-2143
Ian Alvarez Music Education 206-281-2205
Meg Brennand Cello 206-281-2205
Margaret Brink Piano 206-281-2205
Rodger Burnett French Horn 206-281-2205
Myrna Capp Piano 206-281-2917
Julian Catford Jazz Guitar/Folk Guitar 206-281-2205
Paul de Barros Jazz History 206-281-2205
Michelle Doran Gamelan 206-281-2205
Todd Gowers Bass / Dbl. Bass 206-281-2147
Selina Gresso Oboe 206-281-2205
Cathy Haight Voice 206-281-2925
Ron Haight Adv. Music Tech. 206-281-2240
Jack Halm Choral Methods 206-281-2205
Nancy Houghton Music Therapy 206-281-2205
Cherie Hughes Head of Vocal Department 206-281-2925
Mary Kantor Clarinet 206-281-2205
Jacinta Koreski Voice 206-281-2921
Dan Kramlich Jazz Piano 206-281-2205
Bernie Kwiram Voice 206-281-2928
Neil Lieurance Women's Choir, Theory 206-281-2938
Hummie Mann Film Music 206-281-2205
Les Martin Organ 206-281-2205
Bill Park Jazz Ensemble, Trombone 206-281-2398
Ken Pendergrass Men's Choir 206-281-2205
Francine Peterson Bassoon 206-281-2205
Sandra Saathoff Flute, Flute Ensemble 206-281-2146
Matt Schneider Saxophone, Sax Quartet 206-281-2205
Julie Kae Sigars Voice, Class Voice 206-281-2928
Robert Swan Piano 206-281-2917
Ilkka Talvi Violin, Chamber Ensemble 206-281-2205
Kim Zabelle Violin, Viola, String Quartet 206-281-2146

Music Department Staff

Underlined staff have e-mail links. Click on name to e-mail.
Bobbie Childers Fine Arts Administrative Assistant 206-281-2411
Kim Gilnett Fine Arts Marketing Associate and Scholarship Coordinator 206-281-3415
Wanda Griffiths Accompanist & Accompanist Coordinator 206-281-2207