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• B.6  Employment Internship Opportunities

The sheer amount of effort and time attached to the production of theatre is staggering.  Even limiting our production season to three mainstage and two studio presentations keeps us hopping.  Add to this our involvement in facilitating music recitals, concerts, and other events in the Bach Theatre and it is soon apparent that a controlled and professional-style technical crew is needful to keep the program from a crash-and-burn scenario.

B.6.a University Theatre employment internships.  Much of the student work of the University Theatre is remunerated through the granting of credit.  This is the case with all performer activity, and is also the case for much of the production crew work.  Generally speaking, you are a volunteer in this artistic enterprise, and in it for the knowledge and skills it can provide to you.  In its wisdom, however, the institution sees fit to grant academic credit to the skillful performance of your acting and production activity, and the faculty is glad to pass it on to you.  Yes, you say, but I have to pay for credit.  Ah, but if you’re clever, you’ll take advantage of the carefully defended provision (defended by your conniving faculty) that practicum credits are free 19th credits.  Pay for eighteen regular course-style credits (a full academic load) and you can add your work on productions—two more credits—for free.  In effect, you’re being paid with credits!

But even this scheme is helpless in our enormous need for organizational stability for the managing of our work.  And so arrangements have been made for a sizable portion of the institution’s work-study funding to be placed under our control in order that we can employ a few qualified interns to serve as “crew chiefs” in the fulfillment of our task.

This trust, coupled with the free practicum credits and our merit scholarships, does demonstrate the institution’s support for that which we’re about.

Our work-study funding will usually allow us to employ qualified students to receive pay in exchange for labor and leadership in the following categories:

Wage levels for these employment internships are set by the Financial Aid Office of the institution following government guidelines.  You do not need to be a Theatre Major to be hired for one of these “crew chief” positions, but obviously you need to demonstrate appropriate qualifications for the job.  Professor Yanik, acting as a producing manager for the University Theatre, is the supervisor for these job assignments, but activity is closely coordinated by Jerry Collum, our Technical Director.

Since hiring is done in the Spring quarter from among candidates who have proven themselves in our program, these employment internships are not ordinarily available to incoming Freshmen.

If you are being paid for work in one of these positions, you are not allowed to also receive credit for your efforts through TRE 1931 or TRE 3931 Production Practicum.

The theatre employment internships are available only through an application process.  In the Spring quarter an application notice is posted on the Callboard outside the Green Room listing vacant positions.  The application included in the Forms section of this handbook should be completed and returned to Professor Yanik by the announced deadline date in Spring quarter.

If you are currently holding one of these positions, you need to re-apply, indicating your desire to continue, discontinue or change position.

Once employed, you will complete weekly time sheets and receive payment from the Student Payroll Office.  Time sheets are located backstage or by way of the Technical Director.  Time sheet completion is the sole responsibility of the intern. Only one week of work can be entered on a time sheet and it must be signed by the employee if payment is expected.  Payment will not be made for unsigned forms.

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