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B.6.b  Off-campus theatre employment and internships.  Each year several theatre students find employment (usually work/study) with the major theatres around town, most notably the Seattle Repertory Theatre, Intiman Theatre, ACT, Seattle Children's Theatre, and Taproot Theatre.  These jobs are usually in the Box Office, Promotion or as production assistants, but they are good ways of making contacts and usually pay off with free space-available tickets beyond the pay check.

The difficulties, of course, lie in transportation and work hours.  Fortunately, most of the theatres that hire students have good bus connections to Seattle Pacific, but travel does take time.  Usually work hours can be arranged to fit around your course schedule, but you’ll want to be cautious that your job doesn’t cut into your opportunities to be invlolved in campus productions, especially during Production Practicum hours.

Some professional or semi-professional theatres offer intership positions to theatre students.  Internships imply a closer relationship with the artistic company, although, be careful, some places use the word to subsitute for “employment.”  They act as a kind of apprenticeship program, in which younger artists work with “master” craftsmen and artists.  Oftentimes these are summer programs.  Invariably they are low wage, some even no wage.  The most legitimate ones—that of the Seattle Repertory Theatre for example—are promoted nationally and competition for positions is very stiff.  And it runs during the academic year, precluding any time for course work.  Not a good idea when you’re working toward a degree.

Internships come in all shapes and sizes, and the best idea is to check them out carefully if you are inclined to be interested.  As announcements come to the faculty, they are posted on the Call Board. All outside internships need to be coordinated with theatre faculty, especially if Theatre Internship credit (TRE 4943) hours are requested. These internships require a mutual contract between teh University and the theater in which the internship takes place.

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