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Handbook Appendices Forms Theatre Scholarships For Theatre Majors, Minors, and Intendeds University Theatre Handbook Table of Contents Theatre Home

Seattle Pacific University
Toward a sense of Purpose, History, and Order



General Introduction

A. Perspectives

  1. The Study of Theatre
    a. The Impact of the Art
    b. The Nature of the Discipline
    c. The Christian and the theatre
  2. Training for Theatre at SPU
    a. Learning Goals
    b. Applying your Learning
    c. Stretching your Experience
  3. Career Opportunities
    a. Liberation to Life
    b. Skills Enhancement
    c. Career Possibilities
    d. Support Organizations


  1. Our Purposes
    a. Institutional Service
    b. Curricular Objectives
    c. Audience Education
    d. Discipleship Obligations
  2. Our Repertoire
    a. Educational Goals
    b. Availability of Resources
    c. Selection Criteria Summary
  3. Our Spaces
    a. Some History
    b. Configurations
  4. Our Formats
    a. Production Patterns
    b. Mainstage Productions
    c. Studio and Backstage Productions
    d. Laboratory Productions
    e. SPU University Players
  5. Our Procedures
    a. Auditioning and Casting
    b. Actor's Rehearsal and Performance Behaviors
    c. Running Crew Behaviors
    d. Shop Safety Standards
    e. Production Meetings
    f. Front of House Policies
    g. Box Office Operations
    h. Complimentary Ticket Policy
    i. Student Use of Facilities
    1. McKinley Lock-up Schedule and Off-hours Access
    2. Booking Rehearsal and Performance Spaces
    3. Available Rehearsal and Performance Equipment
    4. Dressing Room Lockers and Showers
    5. Green Room and Green Room Library
    6. Kitchen Etiquette
    7. Call Board
  6. Employment Internship Opportunities
    a. University Theatre Employment Internships
    b. Off Campus Employment and Internships




  1. Procedures
    a. Advising
    b. Declaring
    c. Expectations
    d. Requirements
    e. Applying for Graduation
  2. Choosing Your Courses
    a. About your Theatre Courses
    b. Recommended non-Theatre Courses
  3. Your Senior Project
    a. Characteristics
    b. Production Perimeters
    c. Procedures
  4. Planning for the Student Directed One Act Plays
  5. Developing Your Résumé
    a. Format for Actors
    b. Format for Designers and Technicians
  6. Auditioning
    a. Your Personal Conduct
    b. Audition Techniques
    c. Selecting Material
  7. Looking at Grad Work
    a. Sorting Through the Why and the When
    b. What Kind of Degree?
    c. Finding the Where

D. Scholarships
        a. Merit Scholarships
        b. University Players Scholarships
        c. Endowed Scholarships
        d. Honor Role of Scholarship Recipients

E. Forms
   1. Application for Major or Minor Status
   2. Application for Theatre Major Scholarship (Endowed)
   3. Application for Student Employment
   4. Application to Direct or Design a One Act
   5. Application and Proposal for Senior Project
   6. Application and Proposal for Laboratory Production
   7. Graduation Checklist for Majors
   8. Graduation Checklist for Minors

     Appendix A: Theatre Department Faculty and Staff Associates
     Appendix B:
A Chronology of University Theatre Seasons
     Appendix C:
A Reading List for Students of Theatre
     Appendix D:
Copyright Basics
     Appendix E:
Production Team Job Descriptions
     Appendix F: SPU Theatre Production Organizational Chart


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