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C.1.e  Applying for graduation. 

Generally speaking, the office of Student Academic Services tracks your progress in B.A. degree requirements.  The Theatre Department, through your advisor, signs-off on your fulfillment of Major or Minor requirements.

You may apply for graduation no earlier than one year in advance of your intended graduation quarter.  Final application deadlines for each quarter are listed in the on-line undergraduate catalog.  Student Academic Services will then research your records and develop a graduation checklist, which will be sent to you along with a copy to your advisor.  This checklist will indicate your fulfillment of foundation and general education requirements, and also give an account of your status regarding other institutional degree specifications.  It will indicate requirements you have still to complete

What you’ll do with your advisor is go over the Theatre Graduation Checklist you’ll find in the E. Forms Section of this handbook.  It would serve you well if you would keep that checklist current as you progress in your degree work.  It will also help you in planning your enrollment strategies.  Your advisor will then complete the paperwork necessary for you to have your Major or Minor processed, pending the completion of any requirements still not completed.

Note that it’s a good idea to request these graduation checklists be processed early enough to allow adjustments in your course planning if necessary.  You may have missed something along the way, especially in foundations and general education requirements.

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