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A.2.b  Applying your learning. 

At the core of theatre instruction is theatrical activity.  Therefore, the department engages in an ambitious public performance schedule by way of its production arm, the University Theatre.  Through these activities, the department strives to provide—for both you and our audiences—an environment which 1) nurtures the growth of creative curiosity, 2) fosters the development of deepening aesthetic awareness, 3) provides a continuing challenge to artistic excellence, and, most impor­tantly, 4) engenders an understanding of the nature of theatrical art as expression and outgrowth of personal spiritual and religious experience.

We believe that human beings can be whole only through prizing and participat­ing in artistic activity throughout their lifetime.  This is an ongoing celebration of the sacredness of creative expression.  “Prizing and participating” means active involve­ment in creating theatre for some of us so gifted, but for others it suggests becoming sophisticated consumers, members of a knowledgeable audience.  Hence, the goal for the University Theatre production program is to not only to provide opportunities for the development of theatre artists but to provide theatre of intellectual and aesthetic challenge for our audiences.

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