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A.2.c  Stretching your experience. 

As in all higher education, the goal of the theatre program at Seattle Pacific University is to open you to new experiences and enlarged world views within the context of endorsed educational practice.  A significant additional goal for the faculty is to get you to examine “inherited” creedal assumptions, to test your spiritual understandings about self, the nature of art, and the nature of the world around us.  The artist speaks from beliefs.  An ongoing examination of your closest precepts allows enhanced skills and acquired techniques to become useful tools for your true calling: artistic expression.

In the classroom setting and in the performance schedule, you will be consciously exposed to significant writings and artistic works which arise from philosophies oftentimes very dif­ferent from those of your background.  While we, as faculty members, will attempt to explain the philosophical bases of the works and will be free in the expression of our own values, we will make no concerted attempt to persuade you to anything but an honest examination of your own viewpoints.  A major goal of all liberal education, and cer­tainly one needful for the serious artist, is the testing of one’s own viewpoint against those of others and of collective humanity.

To help you achieve enlarged perspectives, the curriculum employs several strate­gies: 

1) while you will be taught from standard university textbooks, the material will be supplemented by open discussion of appropriate spiritual and Christian perspectives;

2) the performance repertoire will be drawn from a broad selection of dramatic literature in roughly a three-year cycle, exposing you to a broad spectrum of theatrical forms and styles;

3) a variety of guests will be invited from the regional and national theatre communities to lecture in classes, in special forums and to participate in our production program,

4) several courses will require you to view productions in the Seattle theatre community, and

5) every attempt will be made to expose you to as diverse a view of artistic community and artistic works as possible.

In creating a curriculum which will allow honest development in its students, the faculty endorses standard higher education methodology for theatre training.  The curricular program is currently in line with the standards for liberal arts institutions set out by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

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